Rosamunde: Popular Sausage Restaurant From that Other Coast Coming to Williamsburg

Via Gothamist:

Residents and visitors to San Francisco and Oakland have been known to wait on long lines for the grilled sausage at Rosamunde, which is also beloved by vegetarians for its Vegan Apple Sage sausage. Now NYC is about to get a taste, when the wildly popular beer and brats joint flings open its doors in Williamsburg, in the Southside space formerly occupied by the fun-yet-creepy dive Savalas and the snooty-good riddance Masten Lake.

Owner Josh Margolis tells The Lower Haight Blog, “Brooklyn made sense as an east coast location due to its similarities with San Francisco. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is filled with an eclectic mix of people and a Brooklyn version of something close to SF’s Mission or Haight neighborhoods. Our spot on Bedford Ave (between Grand and S. 1st) is Williamsburg’s south side, which is a bit more eclectic than Williamburg’s north side. Not unlike Lower Haight vs. Upper Haight or Mission/24th vs Mission/16th.”

Kent Ale House Now Open In Williamsburg – Craft Beers and Burgers!

Kent Ale House (via Gothamist)

Co-owner Patrick Burke (who also runs the Brickyard Gastropub in Manhattan) says that roughly half of the beers will be locally sourced from New York State. Click through for the current menu.
There’s space for 55 in the outdoor seating area that wraps around the exterior of the Ale House, and a room in the back has a working fireplace that Burke plans to use in the winter. In addition to beer, they serve mixed drinks and wine, plus a solid bar menu that ranges from spicy popcorn to grilled cheese sandwiches to sweet potato fires to arugula salad. There are also a variety of “build your own” burgers, with “grass fed natural beef, bison, and veggie” options, and over a dozen possible toppings.

More information and a full beer list at See Kent Ale House in our listings.

Sunday Pig Roasts at Crown Victoria

From the inbox:

John Ratliff of Ends Meat (formally of Anella & Calyer) and Jose Ramierz-Ruiz (formally of Isa) are now doing weekly pig roasts at Crown Vic in Williamsburg on Sundays. The pigs are heritage breed from a local farm and roasted over custom built rotating spits.The chefs roasts the pigs all day starting at noon till the meat runs out in different styles that vary each week. 2 weeks ago they did a riff on babi guling from Ibu Oka in Bali. The meat comes with an assortment of sides, and the plates usually go for around $15-17. Starts at 5 until pigs gone. Usually 10

More information about Crown Victoria bar here.

Restaurant Now Open In Williamsburg: Station

166 N 7th St
(at Bedford)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

via Urban Daddy

Introducing Station, an antiqued-up gem of a French-South-African-Thai date spot in Williamsburg, now open for dinner and brunch.

You’re going to pick up an old-European-train-station vibe here. Which may be because it’s two steps away from the entrance to the Bedford L stop. And this being Williamsburg, the whole train thing is given a sort of handlebar-mustachioed old-timey-ness.

Gaze in through the French doors into the white-tiled, cherry-wooded dining area. Look, the kitchen is wide open. They even want you to talk with the chefs. Now stop gazing and enter. Yes, that was a 17th-century antique Columbia door handle on the entrance. Note how it opened the hell out of that door.

Now be seated. If yours is a post-work kind of get-together, pull up a two-top, preferably one next to an orchid (for mystery). Order up some African-chili mussels and getting-to-know-you peanut butter spinach. If it’s later—say, after 11pm and before 2am—grab a seat at the bar right up next to where the culinary magic is happening. You’re in the chef’s hands for the evening.

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Lake Trout Due to Open This Week in Williamsburg

Via Grub Street

“I’m a huge fan of crappy food,” says Matt Lang. By which, we might add by way of clarification, he means delicious crappy food as opposed to crappy crappy food. The former Fette Sau pit-master is a Baltimore native and so, by definition, a fan of that city’s favorite fish, the fried whiting, which is known there for some inexplicable reason as “lake trout.” That’s the name Lang has taken for the fried-whiting shop he opens next week with business partner Joe Carroll that celebrates the fast food of his Baltimore youth.

On the menu, you’ll find not only the namesake specialty of the house served with white bread and housemade hot sauce but also fried shrimp, chicken wings, and a cheese fish sandwich (fried pollack on a Martin’s potato roll with a Velveeta-based cheese sauce that you could certainly describe as falling under the heading of “delicious crappy”). Lang also aims to redeem what he considers the sorry state of the crab cake by employing the little-known crushed-Saltine-cracker method he learned at the knee of his grandmother.

To wash it all down, there will eventually be beer (Schaefer, Ballantine, and Genny Cream in cans, of course). And the décor follows the direction of the food with bright-orange plastic chairs built into the cafeteria-style tables and some blown-up Baltimore Orioles baseball cards from the seventies hung on the walls.

Lake Trout, 160 Havemeyer St., nr. S. 2nd St., Williamsburg; no phone yet

Roberta’s Serves Up A Marijuana Margherita Pizza On Pot Tasting Menu

How do we get a private tasting? via GQ:

That’s why we turned to our friends at Roberta’s, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a pizzeria-cum-culinary-empire whose bold tasting menu recently caused former New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton to tweet, simply: “Am rarely speechless. But #robertas #bklyn.” The guys who run the place are whip-smart and wild-eyed, such hard partiers that a night out with them is equal to three nights out with average men. And so they set about designing a threecourse, two-cocktail weed tasting menu that would leave us stoned and sated. We were still high twenty-four hours after eating it […]

Pizza Course
Margherita: marijuananara sauce, buffalo mozzarella, “oregano”

Pot pesto: ricotta, prosciutto cotto, hemp-seed dough

(Most stoners have to smoke their weed and then eat their pizza. But not me.)

Parsley cake made with weed butter, topped with a weed-brittle sheet; green-strawberryrhubarb gelato with weed cream

(My scrawled notes read “This needz 2 happen allo the time.”)

More information about Roberta’s here.

Extra Fancy: New ‘Upscale Clam Shack’ Now Open in Williamsburg

Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy (c/o Grub Street)

via Paper:

Despite the name, the handsome boys behind new Williamsburg seafood and cocktails spot Extra Fancy aren’t wearing bow ties or suspenders or shiny shoes. They’re just kicking ass making good drinks, pouring rad beers and endearing themselves to the neighborhood. It’s a quiet spot now, but once people figure out it’s there, it’s sure to be overrun with pretty hipsters, cocktail fiends, and late night degenerates looking for something fried (fancily, of course).

For more information, visit our listings.

4 Local Things To Do When It’s Really, Really Hot Out

Catskills Photography's flickr

Brace yourselves: it’s going to be 96 degrees in Brooklyn tomorrow and Thursday. The city has even put a “heat advisory” into affect until 8 p.m. Thursday night. Here are some things to do in the area to stay cool, excluding the city’s “cooling centers,” whatever those are.

1. Go to the movies.

Northside Film Festival is going on right now with screenings at Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Ave.), IndieScreen (289 Kent Ave.), and Union Docs (322 Union Ave.).  Nitehawk, which is celebrating its anniversary this weekend, is also screening Prometheus.

2. Eat something cold.

If your whole body can’t be cold, your mouth might as well be. Check out Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (97 Commercial St.), Momofuku Milk Bar (382 Metropolitan Ave.), or ices – not soup – from Sapienza’s Fire N Ice (359 Bedford Ave.).

3. Get in the water.

While the big return of the McCarren Park Pool doesn’t happen until next week, the lesser known Metropolitan Rec Center pool is open as usual (261 Bedford Ave).

4. Get on the water.

Purchase a $4 ticket and enjoy the nice sea breeze from the deck of the East River Ferry. Make sure to check the ferry’s website though for service alerts like this one.