Capture live: Double King @ Cameo Gallery

“Oh hey yall!” It’s been a little while. Since before Hurricane Sandy panties I believe. Lets get right to it. I caught up with the dudes from Double King over at Cameo Gallery on 10/23/2012. The former bassist/singer of The Powder Kegs is now the Guitarist/front man in Double King. Brooklyn is a waterfall of talent with fresh fish hopping into the mix daily. Bands like this set the margin high! If you’re in a mediocre band don’t even waste your time bringing that shit to Brooklyn. You better come with it if you want to stand a chance. I look forward to Double King’s future. Double King isn’t trying to be denied, they let it all out on stage. I loved their set, and don’t even get me started on how rad the last song was. Holy Shit! Enjoy! Let me know what you think.