David Walentas Is A Psychopath

credit: NY Mag

credit: NY Mag

If you haven’t already read New York Magazine’s profile of David and Jed Walentas, the father and son duo who plan to do to Domino what they did to DUMBO, you should.

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Shop, Drop & Drink Tomorrow

Shop, Drop & Drink is tomorrow, Saturday 4/7, a Williamsburg-wide shopping event and bargain hunt through local bars, shops, and galleries.

Participants will have access to discounts, performances, and special events at 50 businesses, including Bird, In God We Trust, Life:Curated, Jumelle, Shoe Market, Catbird, The Commodore, and Momofuku Milk Bar.

The event is centered around the Domino Smart Guide app, which lets participants view a map and target their favorite stores and bars. Taking a picture of a desired item and posting it to Facebook will unlock the special deal for that item. You can download the app from Domino here.

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The Domino Development: FREEwilly Readers' Opposing Views

Matt writes:

Let’s think about all the people that commute to the city every morning. THE CONGESTION IS INSANE ALREADY. Not only will the L train become un-usable (which is practically is every morning) but it’s going to literally change the vibe, and eventually culture of the neighborhood, and not in a good way. The dust, noise, etc that goes along with this construction is going to be HORRIBLE and especially damaging to the new buildings and businesses such as Glasslands Gallery and the new IndieScreen.

Josh counters:

dude, you’re one stop away from manhattan, and the earth’s population is going to rise by another 30% in the next 40 years. how do you think that your neighborhood is not going to change? if you’re worried about the stress on public transporation, then argue for better public transportation. don’t argue against infill development. infill (as opposed to sprawl) is the most environmentally sensitive (and socially smart) way to build housing, and more housing will always be needed. not to mention, using an existing building is also recycling!

New Domino Moves Forward, City Planning Commision Votes 13-0

Plans to revamp the old Domino Sugar Factory into shiny condos got a big stamp of approval yesterday when the City Planning Commision voted 13-0 in the developers’ favor. Now, it’s on to the city council. Curbed notes our local city councilmember (Levin, I’m guessing) “is no big fan of Domino, and has urged the developers to cut back on the project’s density so as not to overwhelm the neighborhood.”