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DOM* (Worcester, MA)
Reptile Youth (Denmark)
Ki: Theory (Richmond, Virginia)
Such Hounds (Brooklyn, NY)
The Bobby Effect (East Palo Alto, CA)
Fibes, Oh Fibes! (Göteborg, Sweden)

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Deer Tick, DOM and Translations played Pier54

Last night Deer Tick closed out the free summer concert series at Pier 54. McCauley’s 90min set was charged with a lot of personal banter, not typically the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from an up and coming artist. Though, in the end it’s these authentic moments of unfiltered honesty that made this band’s performance such a stand out experience. A video edit of the songs “Choir of Angels”, “Baltimore Blues No.1”, “Ashamed”, “Twenty Miles” and “Little White Lies” is below, along with clips of DOM and Translations.

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Dom covers Little Red Corvette

Watch this video of  Dom cover arguably the best (Prince) song ever, “Little Red Corvette”.  We saw them perform it at Brooklyn Bowl Friday and while this video is not from that specific performance its still pretty great.

DOM’s ‘Living in America’ gets a music video

The best song of last summer FINALLY gets a proper video.  Watch below and relive the magic.

DOM, Zaza, Twin Sister and Memory Tapes played at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (pics)

Twin Sister

Last night was one of the Brooklyn Vegan showcases, featuring Zaza, DOM, Twin Sister and Memory Tapes.

I unfortunately missed the Zaza set, although heard from some folks that they were one of the better sets that night. DOM rocked it, with trippy projections on a big screen behind them (that would also flash “DOM” between songs, lest you forget who you were watching) and trying to rouse a chorus of “USA!” after they finished their song “Living in America.” One poor audience member attempted to stage dive at the very end of their set, to be met with nothing but the cold, hard floor of the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Twin Sister absolutely killed it, filling up the entire venue with their fantastic sound while Andrea Estella was running around stage barefoot singing and dancing.

Next came Memory Tapes, whose drummer is I think one of the better I’ve seen in a while. They were great, getting almost jammy at times but in a really good way, but did anyone else feel like the vocals sounded a bit flat?

All in all a great show. Pics below.

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Wavves Grows Up, But (Luckily?) His Fans Don't

Last night, in celebration of the Northside Festival’s opening night, things got messy at the Knitting Factory– but not the kind of mess you may already associate with Nathan Williams (a.k.a. Wavves). I mean, of course, in that beer soaked slam dancing sort of way. And although some of his fans may not be on the path to adulthood just yet, according to his new band members the now frontman of Wavves, Williams, has quite possibly done some growing up [via]:

I left before Wavves took the stage after getting soaked in sweat scented beer (though the Village Voice caught me on the bright side), but let’s talk Dom and Cloud Nothings (and a live performance video that perfectly personifies them) after the jump.

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