A photo homage to North Brooklyn’s former DIY scene


Dan Deacon, 285 Kent. May 21, 2011; credit: Richard Gin

If you missed Cloud City’s homage to the (largely) defunct DIY scene in Williamsburg and Bushwick, Slate has posted a handful of great photos from Death By Audio, 285 Kent, The Shank and more:

In the last few years, skyrocketing rents and neighborhood changes have killed some of Brooklyn’s favorite DIY, or “do-it-yourself,” music venues. This month, they got one more celebratory send-off with an exhibit, “RIP DIY,” which was on display at Brooklyn’s Cloud City. Featuring the work of 20 photographers, it showed these independent venues during their glory days, when the bands were loud, the drinks were cheap (and often available for those under age), and the party seemed like it might never stop. Curator Nicki Ishmael, whose photographs were also included in the exhibit, lived in the Williamsburg venue Dead Herring for more than five years before it closed in January 2013. The shutdown followed a trend in the neighborhood, one that has since continued with the recent closings of Glasslands Gallery and Death by Audio. [Read more…]

Showpaper is no more

showpaperThe ubiquitous Showpaper has faithfully covered the tri-state area’s all-ages show beat since 2007, but like many of the venues the print-only publication routinely featured, it too has closed up shop, as its organizers announced today on Facebook:

It is with sadness that we at SHOWPAPER announce that the paper has suspended publishing.
The SHOWPAPER team have toiled for over seven years now to produce a new, beautiful, free, advertising-free newsprint issue of SHOWPAPER every two weeks, without fail, over 170 issues! – and it is with heavy hearts that we now stop publication [Read more…]

Two new music clubs open in Greenpoint: Aviv and The Good Room


Aviv, 496 Morgan Street in Greenpoint

DIY club Aviv has already had a show or two, but officially opens this Friday. Brooklyn Vegan has more:

Some of the folks behind now-closed Bushwick venue Emet (and who ran Showpaper for a while) have opened a new place in Greenpoint called Aviv. Located at 496 Morgan Ave, you may have seen a show there on Halloween (it was just called 496 Morgan at the time) with Pop. 1280, Voidvision and Pawns. The all-ages spot has its official Grand Opening on Friday (11/21) with Painted Zeros, Turnip King, Shadow Walker, and Ritual Howls.

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Ad Hoc Kick Starts!

Visitation- Rites

It’s a blog eat blog world. That said, one of the dominating music blogs on the internet is no doubt, Pitchfork. But if you’re anything into indie music, you probably reaped over the discontinuation of Altered Zones. Altered Zones branched off of Pitchfork, featuring the most underground music. Basically, the ones that weren’t big enough to make it onto the main site. Fans were loyal to Altered Zones and their logo empowered the lives of many. Some hipsters even tattooed the design onto their skins.

Now, the grievance of Altered Zones can now be rejoiced because founding members, Emilie Friedlander and Ric Leichtung have started a new project called Ad Hoc. With the same elements of their previous blog, here is their purpose ” a collective of ten tastemaking music blogs from all over the world, Ad Hoc is a daily destination for MP3s, videos, mixes, interviews, artist’s writings, and cultural commentary– curated for quality, and with an emphasis on emerging artists and musical movements that best exemplify the new grassroots, Internet-fueled DIY.”.

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LEGO Rings- Yay or Nay?

Tiny Stitches

Back in October, I met one of the most iconic indie rockers during CMJ. This would be the handsome man behind Mister Heavenly and IslandsNick Thorburn. My meeting with him was strictly business and before gazing deep into his eyes, I was captivated by this little piece of plastic around his finger. Then as he motioned his hand, I noticed it was a white LEGO ring.

That was my first stumble upon this toy/accessory and on my second, I decided to personally own one. Still unsure if it’s the reason that Nick Thornburn has the same designer copy of the ring or how my childhood memories evolved around building LEGO forts, either way, I have fallen for this trend. Mine was $5 at the Brooklyn Flea which probably added to the desire of purchasing it. You can find high quality editions online or go cheap, and head to your nearest hipster flea market. These kind of creative crafts are always a hit in the DIY community but what are your thoughts, the trend of Lego Rings, Yay or Nay?

Click here for the Etsy links to these rings.

2011 Northside Picks: Film

image c/o Guerilla Geek

Why not break up the music monotony with some visual indie stimulation? Northside introduces the Do-It-Yourself Film Festival hosted by Union Docs, where emerging filmmakers will showcase shorts and features before a jury comprised of local luminaries. The winner will score a coveted Northside Rooftop Films screening among other prizes.  The screening series at indieScreen also returns.

The impressive full lineup can be found at the Official 2011 Northside Festival Site.

But here are some picks in the moving pictures category:

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13 Thames an Underground, Anarchist Collective

image c/o The Indypendent

Although my experience of the venue was less anarchist and more casual DIY fun, Alternet provides an intimate portrait of the 13 Thames lifestyle.  The “punk house in deep Bushwick, [where] a collective of punks lives a communal lifestyle that shuns government greed, while their music and art blast government corruption” made news last year when police raided the space.

According to the Alternet author:

At 13 Thames, one might meet a Trinidian black metal kid who grew up in Bed-Stuy, a punk rock woman mechanic who worked for six years at a law firm, a dreadlocked community gardener, or an interestingly “off” German man. They come together to accept people that society fails and rejects, and they pride themselves on open-mindedness. And then they party – often with a conscience. They throw film screenings, noise, metal, and punk shows, art galleries, showcasing whatever parcel of the underground they deem cool enough.

This is pretty bohemian though. Read the whole story at Alternet.

Pitchfork Goes Standard Oil With Altered Zones

As of a few minutes ago, Pitchfork has finally created an actual music blogger monopoly. The initial announcement of Altered Zones, Pitchfork’s “new sister site that will focus on leftfield pop, experimental, and home-recorded sounds”, didn’t get a reaction from me that was quite so personal, but I was pretty bummed to see some of my favorite music bloggers falling proudly to their knees in front of the man.

Ok, so maybe it’s not that serious. I just checked out the site, and I’m liking what I see– Oberhofer, Tennis, Sun Araw, Games, and so on. Again, a bunch of people with good taste are pooling their content into one (Pitchfork monitored/edited?) place, but doesn’t my Google Reader already do that for me?

The regular posting schedule starts Monday, where you’ll be able to find recommendations from Visitation Rites, Friendship Bracelet, Chocolate Bobka, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Yours Truly— not us truly, luckily/sadly, but the capital Y, capital T. Obviously our feelings are mixed, but as long as the content doesn’t suffer then I guess we don’t actually care that Pitchfork may have gone the route of Standard Oil, at least they’re not BPing it! Amirite!?