Top 5 shows of the weekend


Today is St Patrick’s Day… fantastic… now everyone in the city who ever saw a picture of a four leaf clover or had a pint of Guinness is apparently Irish. I might just curl up in a ball and hide, but that would be a mistake, because if you can avoid all the green pavement pizzas en-route to where you’re going, there are some great shows to be seen.

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Interview: Dinowalrus


Williamsburg’s own Dinowalrus recently released their critically-acclaimed sophomore LP, Best Behavior; a decidedly more dance-driven and synth-based approach than their debut, the noise rock-inspired %My Social List caught up with Pete Feigenbaum, their self-proclaimed “curator of riffs” at El Beit to discuss his band’s progression, the erosion of local music scenes, the continued gentrification of Williamsburg and what he described as a Warholian appropriation of culture as a driving influence in his band’s sound.

Peter Rittweger – You’ve said that Andy Warhol’s or Mike Kelley’s “appropriation” was a source of inspiration on Best Behavior. I almost immediately think of your album cover, which is an image of the Domino Sugar factory, this “iconic” Williamsburg landmark.  % was more “no-wave” or “noise rock” inspired, while Best Behavior seems to be more influenced by the best music AROUND you.  Would you say the image symbolizes that sort of appropriation?

Pete Feigenbaum – Yes and no.  I mean, the album cover is just an allusion to Animals, that Pink Floyd album… which isn’t a very good album, but that album cover really resonates with me.  I mean both albums (% and Best Behavior) are sort of appropriations in a different way.  I have this theory that nostalgia comes in twenty year waves.  I guess there’s only really been two years between the two albums, but in my mind it feels like more, so we’ve jumped from 1982 to 1992 in our minds, haha.

I was vaguely interested in this Madchester acid-house sound for a while, so it just made sense to dig even deeper into that and really let that influence the songwriting on Best Behavior, and the production too.  So I feel that that’s the biggest re-appropriation on Best Behavior…like taking ideas from the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Charlatans, Primal Scream, Candy Flip, Flowered Up… all those bands.  I feel like our interest in them is a very unique thing. It seems like no one else around here is into that.  Revivalism can be kind of hokey, or even a cheap thrill but I like to think the way that we’ve done it, we’ve kind of made it our own and made people see this style that they may have overlooked previously.

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Must See Show Tonight at Bruar Falls


Boy oh boy do we have a spectacular show to tell you about! TONIGHT Bruar Falls will play host to some of our favorite bands working NYC right now.

Things will kick off PROMPTLY at 8:15 with Yvette— a new york duo who might just be the best american noise outfit since HEALTH.  Look into it. Ezra Buchla— ex Mae Shi and Gowns member– will follow and, trust us, this is some real raw  atmospheric emotional stuff.   Brooklyn’s finest, Dinowalrus will also play– they will provide the gorgeous “bleep bloops”  and new wave bass-line to melt your face and get your body moving.   And the cherry a top this evening will be none other than 4AD’s own minimalist folk- pop darling Anni Rossi— get to know her for more than just that kick ass cover of “Rude Boy” that she did earlier this year…you’ll probably fall in love, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

REMEMBER Bruar Falls is working with that curfew so be sure to get there ON TIME and try not to wake mom and dad when you drunkenly crawl through your window.