Captured Live at the Northside Festival: Dinosaur Feathers live at Spike Hill

Justin Little, June 16, 2012
Next set I caught was Dinosaur Feathers at Spike Hill. I hate to bash any band but there were negatives to this set. So the songs were good. The drummer was really good. The lead singer/guitarist did his thing. During the main part of the song the bass was good but you left me asking myself the question “What the fuck is he doing?” quite a few times. I don’t know if it was to try and give the song a grunge feel or what. But I just didn’t get it. It sounded like at points of the song he was hitting the bass to make some kind of weird ambient sound. I’d say drop the weird unnecessary bass banging/noises or whatever you want to call them and keep it simple. Good set but I must admit there were a few awkward moments. Sorry guys, feel free to invite me to one of your sets and change my mind.

Dinosaur Feathers on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch

The first time I heard Dinosaur Feathers I couldn’t help but blurt out “these guys kind of sound like if Del Shannon hung out with sweet little robots”– everyone laughed at me. These acoustic sets are proof that I’m right… or totally wrong. [More videos over on Big Ugly Yellow]

[PICS] Dinosaur Feathers and Darlings at Webster Hall


Last night Dinosaur Feathers celebrated their album Fantasy Memorial release at Webster Hall Studio with Darlings, Lonnie Walker, and Pearl & The Beard.

Dinosaur Feathers’ set consisted of nearly the entire album– a collection of folk pop made uniquely robust with Latin and African influenced electronic drum beats. Still a young band, Dinosaur Feathers could not look happier to be performing for such a full crowd. Even taking a drunkenly tossed PBR can with gracious humility, the humbling stage banter of Dinosaur Feathers rounded out an endearing set and party to send the boys off to SXSW.

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