Captured live: Fabian Akilles @ Spike Hill

Fabian Akilles is another performer who made his way from Philly to show Brooklyn what he’s all about. Fabian and Dewey Decibel split thier set at Spike Hill during our “It’s A Rap” showcase. For the most part the entire night was hip hop but Fabian came with some Reggae vibes. Me and my boy Kevon particularly enjoyed his stuff because we’re both island(Antiguan) babies. After the set we felt like it was mandatory that we slide out of Spike Hill for a quick Bob Marley session if you feel my drift. Enough talking, lets get into it. Enjoy!

PS: Who ever came up to me asking me questions while I was shooting this, thanks for that(I’m being sarcastic). Next time wait until in between songs. Or better yet, in between sets.


Captured live: Dewey Decibel @ Spike Hill

Up 3rd on blaqbook’s “It’s A Rap” showcase at Spike Hill was the Son of a Beach himself Dewey Decibel. Dewey made the trip from Philly with his homey Fabian Akilles to bless us with some fire. I loved this dudes energy. From our first introduction, to his set, to his departure he kind of gave off a happy have fun sort of vibe. Whenever an artist brings happiness to the table the crowd has no choice but smile and get into it. I have a few more clips from Dewey that will come up later this week with him and Fabian getting busy. For now, kick back and relax and get “High on Art”. Enjoy!


Dewey Decibel – What You Are ft. Ricky Radio

Dewey Decibel’s new video for “What You Are” ft Ricky Radio has been released. I believe this is his second single off of his EP “Son of A Beach”. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Dewey Decibel – “Love”

I have friends all over the place. Philadelphia was my stomping ground while in college. I touch base with my people a few times a week. Particularly my boy John F and a lovely lady by the name of Ruth. On multiple occasions the name Dewey Decibel has come up. I was actually eating brunch a while back with the owner of Bold New Breed Records Rick Friedrich and he had mentioned Dewey as well.

On my lunch break one of my friends randomly sent me a video. It was none other than Dewey Decibel. Now that it was front and center I had to take the time to listen. I’m not one to believe the hype of anything until I listen for myself. I definitely agree, dude has skills. Wish I took the time to listen a while ago. Judge for yourself. This track is called “Love” by Dewey Decibel. I’ll keep you posted the next time he’s in NYC. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!