Devo and Jane’s Addiction played CBGB Fest – full set videos


Jane’s Addiction headlined the CBGB festival this weekend in Times Square, which also included the legitimately legendary, Devo. I squeezed in to a packed crowd for Devo’s 4:30pm set before heading off to see Jeff the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet at Death By Audio. We have full video sets from both bands below, courtesy of (((unartig))).

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A sentimental flashback: McCarren Pool

We miss McCarren Pool as a place to see bands.

It's a Mark Mothersbaugh Kind of Day…

Devo’s frontman, who is responsible for the Rugrats vs. Brooklyn music scene epiphany I had earlier today, apparently smoked drugs with other famous people. Are we surprised? [Via Boing Boing, h/t Pitchfork]

The only time in my life I smoked angel dust was by accident and it was on a double date with Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson. We all went to Studio 54, and people were passing drugs all over the place. Michael Jackson had just finished doing the movie The Wiz and still looked like Michael Jackson back then; he had an Afro, and he was still black. He passed me a joint, and I thought, well OK, we don’t have marijuana in Ohio so I’ll try it.