Williamsburg’s BrisketTown is shutting down on Sunday

Bill Murray's a fan; Credit facebook.com/DelaneyBBQ

Bill Murray’s a fan; Credit facebook.com/DelaneyBBQ

Sad news for BBQ lovers, but the popular south Williamsburg restaurant is getting pushed out by developers “intent on knocking down the building.” At least we’ll still have Fette Sau and Mable’s (for now). The owners of Delaney BBQ posted a statement this morning on Facebook:

In 2012, when I had the wacky idea to lug a behemoth of a BBQ smoker from Austin to Brooklyn, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, just a vague notion that I’d learn to make brisket. As it turned out, the next four years of my life would be my best yet. The idea became a project, and the project a business. From staying up all night cooking in my folks’ backyard in Jersey, to organizing Brisketlab, to opening BrisketTown, to developing a catering company, and eventually starting the development of retail products, we’ve done so much. Which is why it is bittersweet to announce the next chapter in this journey. [Read more…]