Grouper – The OK Cupid of Group Dating – Coming to Williamsburg/Greenpoint


Michael Waxman, 25, who created Grouper last year to set up three-on-three group dates (or “networking sessions,” if that makes you feel more comfortable), is setting up shop with his site starting this week, with cocktail sessions in popular North Brooklyn bars and cafes like Milk and Roses and Mable’s Smokehouse….

In Grouper, you submit your Facebook profile, set up preferences for whom you would like to meet (including age and other characteristics), and then let the site’s algorithms and staff do the work. They pick one other person of the opposite sex, and tell you both to bring two friends of your own gender to the time and place Grouper selects. Then you all meet, drink and see how everyone connects…

And now that the company is expanding to Brooklyn (and nine other cities) this fall, Waxman said Williamsburg was the ideal launch pad.

“I think Williamsburg, with its great nightlife scene, is the place to kick off Grouper in Brooklyn,” he said.

More at Grouper.

Love Is In The ‘Burg

Sorry Virginia, turns out it’s the other Williamsburg that’s for lovers.
According to a survey by online dating site, Williamsburg ranks 5th in the 10 most popular New York neighborhoods to have a first date.
Unlike conventional dating websites, lets you propose first date activities, and then matches you up with a prospective beau who shares your interests. Based on more than 100,000 date suggestions posted, popular Williamsburg destinations include the Brooklyn Brewery, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Brooklyn Bowl and Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory.
Nothing says romance like organic pastries and PBR.


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