Coochie Dip City video

Das Racist are still riding the wave of Shut Up, Dude, the first of their two rad mixtapes that came out last year. Let’s all ride this swag wave out together and just chill while watching this video for “Coochie Dip City.”

Das Racist remix Katy Perry

Last night, as the perfect treat to end the weekend, Himanshu Suri
(@HEEMS) of Das Racist posted his remix of Katy Perry’s ubiquitous pop hit “Teenage Dream.” It’s no cast of Glee rendition. And for that I am eternally grateful. In place of the sugar-high original, the Heems version of this track is way slowed down and smooth. Possibly one of the sexiest tracks this dude has ever put his name on.

So whether this was the cherry on top of your weekend or the kickstart to get you through this work week, it is great either way. Check it out over at Heems’ blog Nehru Jackets or download it directly HERE. We probably really will dance until we die, won’t we?

Das Racist bigging up their brand

I get the feeling that Anthony Bourdain is a dude who Googles himself all the time. Searching the internet and finding the Das Racist song “Ek Shaneesh” that mentions his name is the only reason I can think of why Heems and Victor would show up on his holiday special. For some reason they are eggs in his fridge – maybe some kind of commentary of being brown eggs or something.

This Bourdan appearance may have something to do with what they were talking about in their recent New York Times interview.

Vazquez: We’re bigging up our brand so that we can make more money.

Suri: To buy things. I want to start dressing more like a British colonialist in a red coat and maybe lighten my skin with that money.

Das Racist played Todd P's Halloween party

Todd P’s Halloween party took place last night at the Ridgewood Masonic Temple. most people were probably still recovering from Halloween observed the night before, but a respectable amount of ghouls and tricksters made their way to the show, headlined by so-hot-right-now hip hop ensemble Das Racist.

Halloween is a time when you can see what people are really about. They’re either in a pre-packaged costume or they’re trying too hard or they are legitimately clever and good-spirited. And for Das Racist, it can be all of the above all the time. These guys walk the lines between irony and sincerity; between novelty and legitimacy; between gimmickry and credibility. And while some people show up at the party dressed as a can of Four Loko, others as zombies or superheroes, Das Racist can just take the floor as themselves and still be baffling and maybe a little frightening.

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Das Racist release a mixtape and throw a party

Maybe Sit Down, Man doesn’t have it’s own leading hit single like Shut Up, Dude had “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.” But maybe that’s better. Because let’s be real, these guys really can spin a clever rhyme, twist it around on itself and reference five viral videos and two classic rap lines in the same smoke-filled breath.

The new mixtape, available at djbooth, is more hipster rap about partying and fashion and smoking from the group. And with the notoriety they’ve gained come some great cameos here. Diplo, Chairlift, Teengirl Fantasy and El P – among a bunch more – have their paws all over this tape. And, in case you were wondering, there is definitely a sample of the Days of Our Lives theme on here too. Sold.

There is a release party on Thursday at Santos, with additional performances Tecla and Keepaway Maluca, and DJ sets by Das Racist, Chairlift and special guests. SPECIAL GUESTS! You have two days to learn all the words on Sit Down, Man so you can sing along at the party and impress your friends.

New Das Racist Video – Who's That? Brooown!

And as a tipster points out, is that a 4 bit endless summer taco truck and the american apparel on north 6th?