Live Review: Curtis Harding played Mercury Lounge and Glasslands

Curtis Harding Glasslands

Curtis Harding was in New York this week for a couple of shows. His debut album, Soul Power, is so good I decided to go to both.

I was excited about the Mercury Lounge show because it’s a great sounding room and I thought would suit the material to a tee. The only downer was that there was no support act, doors opened at 9:30 and Curtis didn’t play until 11, it would have been nice to have had something to break up the time (or just come on earlier). However, it was well worth the wait. [Read more…]

More Highlights of the Northside Fest (And Some Upcoming Shows)

I think we all needed a day or two to recover after the Northside Festival, and in addition to the obviously dandy Freewilly showcase there were quite a few fresh new faces that stuck out. Beyond chatting up Michael Pitt and Britt Daniel at Tame Impala and Active Child respectively, here were a few of my highlights:

// ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER kinda made me feel like I was stuck in a K-hole at a Boards of Canada show in the 90s (in the best possible way). Daniel Lopatin turned Glasslands on Friday into an incredible drone-y sonic playground. And he has some cool videos to boot, so it makes sense that he’s playing in a month with Animal Collective at PS1.

// TAME IMPALA was the weekend’s buzzband, and Glasslands was packed & hot as hell Saturday (I haven’t felt sweat drip on me from the ceiling since I Love Techno 2007) but at least Tame Impala drizzled the crowd with a fairly refreshing dose of fuzzy psychedelia. Video here. Shirtless Aussies, who’da thunk?

// NORTH HIGHLANDS were a surprise gem, really hitting the mark with their sunny psych-pop. Soon these Brooklyners are playing on a boat & something to do with nachos?

// DARLINGS are another bunch of ‘burghers who played a much more polished set at their Public Assembly show than the last time I heard them and feel to finally have gotten the hang of the garage-pop vibe enough to land a Whitney Live show in July.

// ETERNAL SUMMERS and THE FRESH & ONLYS were also pleasant breaths of fresh air for the sweaty weekend.

Here’s to hoping for a nice & breezy summer.