Rough Trade is fighting to make it legal to shake your ass at their concerts

footlooseIf you’ve ever been at a bar or music venue in NYC and observed a sign that read ‘NO DANCING’, you may have assumed it was a joke. It was no joke, and venues can be fined or even temporarily shut down thanks to [Read more…]

A sad songs dance party is coming to Williamsburg next week

wineHave you ever wanted to cry and dance at the same time in a public setting? Next week you’ll have your chance at Passenger Bar‘s “Cry and Wine: A Party For Your Feelings” featuring Alicia Kennedy on the decks starting at 8pm on 1/28. From Brooklyn Paper:

“I want to play the kind of music that makes you get into your feelings. You’ll feel something different than a normal dance party.”

Cry and Wine: A Party for Your Feelings is Kennedy’s first solo set, a departure from her usual collaboration as part of the Teenage Guide to Popularity, a monthly music video party with pal Douglas Bleggi.

Kennedy said she plans to play a mix of tearjerkers, including dancey-but-depressing classics from Joy Division and the Smiths, along with newer sensitive kids, such as Drake and Lana Del Rey.



Muchmore’s is suing NYC for the right to dance

muchmoresWilliamsburg bar Muchmore’s is suing New York City for the right of patrons to dance on their premises. Many New Yorkers are familiar with the prohibition era law that prohibits dancing without a hard to obtain caberet license and forces bars throughout the city to post comical “NO DANCING” signs. Owner Andrew Muchmore is an attorney and hopes to change the law so as to be able to book more [Read more…]

December 1stttt

Oh my stars its December 1st. For those with the Christmas spirit, here is an advent calendar to get your party started right. There will be a new video posted for every day, and although its not chocolate, dancing will do just fine.

December 1st – ‘Woman’ by Wolfmother from lewisnluke on Vimeo.

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