Here’s your next blind date dancing around Williamsburg

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Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: June 28/29

Another week has gone by and the heat is unrelenting. Fortunately temperatures dip back down into the 80s for the rest of the week, however this comes with the cost of isolated rain storms. There’s still no reason to stay indoors as Brooklyn has a whole slew of nightlife events just waiting to be had. It certainly seems like a plethora of Detroit DJs have invaded our borough this weekend with talent like Monty Luke, Magda, Juan Atkins, Kyle Hall, Mike Huckaby and Luke Hess to name a few. PS 1 will also be opening their outside area for the kickoff of their Warm Up event series. Lastly, NYC favorites Sepalcure will be playing in a secret location attained only by RSVP.


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Tiki Disco season opener is this Sunday

Has anyone checked out any of the “Tiki Disco” events? If you haven’t, you absolutely want to make your way to Bushwick(Morgan L stop) on Sunday for the opening of their 3rd season at Roberta’s. It started out with three friends(Andy Pry, Lloydski, Eli Escobar) just spinning for their pals and neighborhood locals. Now it’s insane! I’m talking lines out the door insane.

If you want to make sure you get in, I would suggest showing up before the 2pm start time. Their parties tend to reach capacity within the first hour. Be prepared for a full 8 hrs of dancing to classic house and disco mashed with some of the tasteful sounds of the present. Party ends around 10pm. Lets all pray and knock on as much wood as possible that the Sun has been kind to dear old mother nature and she has nothing to cry about this weekend.
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Brooklyn Spaces: Chronicaling Weird Shit Before it Gets Condemed/Gentrified

Death by Audio. Photo by Maximus Comissar

You know how there was that one time? That your friend dragged you to that random warehouse party you’re pretty sure was somewhere in Bushwick but can’t be positive because your recollection of how you got there or how you left is kind of hazy? But all you know is that when you were there there was a zip line, and maybe some fire eaters, and quite possibly a trailer? As we all know, Brooklyn is full of “underground” spaces like that — everything from night clubs to DIY classes to make-you-own-liquor factories. And as anyone who’s lived here long enough knows, these places are so transient once you’ve been to a place once you maybe have a 50-50 chance of ever finding it again.

Well one woman, long time Williamsburg resident Oriana Leckert, has taken it upon herself to chronicle them, one crazy space at a time. You should really check out her blog, Brooklyn Spaces, which chronicles the many many many creative ways Brooklynites are, well using their space. Full of gorgeous photos and in-depth profiles on the history of each space, her site will let you see what you’ve been missing, or maybe evern finally figure out the name of that place you stumbled into in a drunken late-night stupor.

We sat down with her to see what she’s seen, what she loves, and what her website is all about.

Breuckelen Distilling Co. Photo By Maximus Comissar

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