No Lights No Lycra

A dance party in a Greenpoint church basement that happens every week. Apparently, these dance parties are all the rage in Australia.

Your very own is working on a video about NLNL and will be filming tonight.

New Psychobuildings Video

Psychobuildings have a new video out by fellow Brooklynite, director Yoonha Park, who also directed the super gorgeous video for Washed Out’s, “Amor Fati.” Not only does Psychobuildings’ frontman Peter LaBier have some legit moves… but that spandex outfit might be the greatest.

Psychobuildings are having an EP release party at Glasslands this Sunday, Nov 13th with Papertwin, Modern Rivals, Robotdrummer, and MNDR (DJ set) Tickets here.

Psychobuildings: Terror Management from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

Start the Weekend Dancing: Kenny Dope In The Burg

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Pop-Up Disco at Metro Community Laundromat. Wait. What?

image c/o Travis LoDolce

Gilt City New York has your ticket to a posh evening of top-shelf punches and disco beats in…a Williamsburg laundromat?

That’s right.  On Friday, June 17 from 10:30pm to 4am, Metropolitan Community Laundromat (aka “The Laundromat That Never Sleeps”) on Metropolitan Ave. and Lorimer will be living up to its moniker by hosting the Dirty Disco Laundrette Party.  DJs The Juan MacLean and Justin Miller of DFA Records are set to spin (we presume) BeeGees and Donna Summer at this pop-up renegade dance party.  The $75 ticket also includes sweet open bar access all sexy night long.

Promotion ends Thursday, June 16 at 10am.

Bushwick's New Monthly Dance Party

Tonight at Tandem will be the birth of Bushwick’s newest dance party. You can be sure to expect some Voltron levels of transmogrification with Beardwizard (one part Rude Dude) and Behold the Destroyer combining forces to form Sensual Harassment. It will be glorious, and it’ll make you wanna bone… especially if you’re a walrus. From Behold the Destroyer:

Tis mid December ya’ll, you know what that means? No, not some bullshit about the winter solstice or Santa Claus coming soon. Early December is the beginning of Walrus mating season! It’s a celebration bitches! That’s right from now till the end of February, walruses all over the world (read: the Arctic) are going to make patches of frigid ice look like Freaknik ’96. To commemorate Wally The Walrus putting it down on all them thick assed walrus P.Y.Ts, my man Jay from Rude Dudes (aka beardwizard) and I will be selecting some quality slowed down dance jams and chopped and screwed RnB tunes at Tandem Bar. Obviously, walruses need the slowed down jams — if you weigh over a ton you’re not trying to get it in to 2 Live Crew.

“Fuck around and catch an asthma attack”
Biggie Smalls

Come down at 11 and celebrate Walrus mating season, or just hangout in general, whatever floats your boat.