What’s Not to Love? February’s Must See Shows


The Patriots won, the Mayor didn’t kill the groundhog and your brain should finally be starting to recover from that booze-fueled romp that you took this weekend. Can you believe it’s already February? I have plenty to show for this year. For starters, I have a pretty cool looking bruise on my right thigh and a failed attempt at sober January (I was good for three weeks then made a surprise trip to Chicago to visit my sister and Mysteryland crew, and that all went to shit).

But that’s okay! I was living, and isn’t that what being in your 20s is all about? And speaking of “living” NYC’s got a stellar lineup of shows coming at you this February. Grab your buddies, grab your Valentines and let’s show some love to some of my favorite artists making appearances in NYC this month.

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An Animated Gif Tribute to Baltimore Artists By Dan Deacon


Musician and Baltimore scene figurehead Dan Deacon’s latest tribute to his adopted hometown (he has released several) comes in the form of this GIF-packed video for “Konono Ripoff N°1,” starring a host of luminaries from Baltimore’s ridiculously vibrant art and music scene–including Ed Schraeder, Dina Kelberman, Jimmy Joe Roche, Nolen Strals of Post Typography and Double Dagger, Robby Rackleff AKA Blue Leader, and of course, Dan himself.

Dan Deacon Mash-Up Featuring Grimes, Beach House, Lightning Bolt and ‘Gangnam Style’

Dan Deacon
Wish Book Volume 1

1 Gangrimes Style
2 Someone Area (Rod)
3 Oscillating Diamonds
4 Beez Eagles
5 Virgin Uncle Salt

Hope you enjoy. Wish Book Volume 1 was made with music made by (in order of appearance): grimes+psy+beach house+skrillex+diplo+nicky da b+dirty projectors+lil wayne+nicki minaj+oneohtrix point never+tune yards+animal collective+rod stewart+the strokes+wiz khalifa+beyoncé+lcd sound system+death grips+ludacris+rihanna+the beatles+roy orbison+silver apples+katy perry+69 boyz+gary glitter+james brown+lmafo+black dice+the ronettes+r. kelly+black eyed peas+lenny kravitz+the misfits+2 chains+daftpunk+led zeppelin+the notorious b.i.g.+devo+lightning bolt+unknown artist recorded in jaipur, india+marvin gaye+radiohead+rage against the machine+salt n peppa+brian eno+madonna

Dan Deacon Covers Mutilates “Call Me Maybe”

See him tonight, with John Maus, at Pier 84.

Two Chances to See DIIV On Thursday, Also FREE shows featuring Neko Case, Dan Deacon, and John Maus!

DIIV will be performing for FREE at The Hester at 7PM:

THE HESTER is a progressive and constantly changing space that reflects the dynamic spirit behind the artists, designers, and tastemakers of New York. Bringing the best of innovative design, fashion, and art, THE HESTER will feature the cutting edge jewelry of Arielle de Pinto, the exotic fragrances of Six Scents, the garment district made and dip-dyed dresses of Lindsay Thornburg, the art objects of Kyle DeWoody’s Grey Area, and much, much more.

With interiors designed by Joel Fitzpatrick with furniture designed by Nick DeMarco, THE HESTER is about new experiences: new designers, interior layouts, products, performers, and DJ’s. The space will be as dynamic as the energy that inspires New York.

RSVP at [email protected]

Then, they’ll be playing with Cloud Nothings at 285 Kent Ave. Doors at 8pm, $12. Of course, Dan Deacon and John Maus are playing a free show too. And so is Neko Case. Decisions… decisions.

Ecstatic Music Festival

The Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall seems like a great way to bring together a lot of rad talent that you wouldn’t necessarily see together.

…more than 150 composers, songwriters and performers re-defining contemporary music come together for collaborations exploring the fertile terrain between classical and popular music.

It kicks off this weekend, with a panel discussion featuring Dan Deacon, Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigurosson, Missy Mazzoli and Tristan Perich. On Monday, there is a free SEVEN HOUR music marathon, featuring Muhly, Buke and Gass and a slew of other people. Free!

During the week Dan Deacon and So Percussion will team up for what will probably be a chaotic and amazing performance. Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect from that.

You can get tickets to any of the performances and check out the entire program schedule at the Ecstatic website.

Ecstatic Music Festival: Dan Deacon & So Percussion from Kaufman Center on Vimeo.

Lighning Bolt, Dan Deacon and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone played Masonic Temple

Dan Deacon Ensemble

The best and worst thing about DIY shows is that you don’t know what is going to happen. We aren’t in a situation where bands have elaborate riders with bowls only the green M&Ms or a long list of lighting cues or – really anything. The live music atmosphere that so many of us grew up with and are still a part of today is one where bands will play anywhere (how many shows did you go to in VFW halls growing up?), they roll up in their busted and dirty vans, the venues are serving cheap beer out of cases they bought from the deli down the street and there is a room full of sweaty, passionate and appreciative people. It is in this scene where anything can go wrong, or go oh-so right, or be an amazing combination of the two. Something only seen here and in this moment in time. I would say the show at the Ridgewood Masonic Temple on Friday night was one of those.
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