Colbert’s Glorious Rant Against Viacom’s Daft Punk Shaft


Daft Punk was supposed to perform on the Colbert Report but the morons at Viacom forced them to cancel due to an upcoming gig on MTV’s Video Music Awards show. Citing contractual exclusivity, the powers that be decided Colbert should get the Daft Shaft. Of course, Colbert was not too happy about this.

Best line: “If Daft Punk were on my show, people wouldn’t tune into see them on the VMAs almost a month from now. That’s how music works. You love a band, you see them once, then never want to see them again. That’s why after the Beatles went on Ed Sullivan, they dropped off the face of the Earth. I think Ringo ended up working as a train conductor.”

Watch the wonderful rant below: [Read more…]

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Ragtime, Folk, New Wave & Rockabilly Versions Of “Get Lucky” – Daft Punk In Other Eras

Listen to Daft Punk’s entire new album

RAMDaft Punk has done pretty much the only thing that could make Monday a great day. Stream Random Access Memories in its entirety via their artist page on iTunes HERE


Panda Bear On Working With Daft Punk

Listen to the official new Daft Punk track ‘Get Lucky’

After probably breaking records for most fakes outs for a single song, the new Daft Punk track Get Lucky is officially here. Listen below:


Is There a New Daft Punk Record?

This short commercial that aired during last night’s Saturday Night Live seems to suggest that, yes, there certainly is:

Holy shit! Daft Punk appearance at the Phoenix show

What if this is how the future is going to be? We’re all going to be distracted and looking one way, and then BAM! there’s fucking robots! If this video is any indication, that is exactly how the future is going to be.

While everyone who was everyone was swilling free vodka and partying at the Free Williamsburg CMJ showcase at Glasslands (go here for documentation), Daft Punk was joining Phoenix on stage at Madison Square Garden. The band tore through “If I Ever Feel Better” and were then joined by the masked duo for “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and “Around the World.” Three words: HO. LY. SHIT.

This video is a little bit shaky, but I kind of feel like that might be part of what the future is like too. Right?