LEGO Rings- Yay or Nay?

Tiny Stitches

Back in October, I met one of the most iconic indie rockers during CMJ. This would be the handsome man behind Mister Heavenly and IslandsNick Thorburn. My meeting with him was strictly business and before gazing deep into his eyes, I was captivated by this little piece of plastic around his finger. Then as he motioned his hand, I noticed it was a white LEGO ring.

That was my first stumble upon this toy/accessory and on my second, I decided to personally own one. Still unsure if it’s the reason that Nick Thornburn has the same designer copy of the ring or how my childhood memories evolved around building LEGO forts, either way, I have fallen for this trend. Mine was $5 at the Brooklyn Flea which probably added to the desire of purchasing it. You can find high quality editions online or go cheap, and head to your nearest hipster flea market. These kind of creative crafts are always a hit in the DIY community but what are your thoughts, the trend of Lego Rings, Yay or Nay?

Click here for the Etsy links to these rings.

TONIGHT: Opening at K&K Gallery


Tonight, K&K Gallery (109 Broadway) mulls over the passage of time and the effects our technological reliance has on our perception of it through George Underwood’s large format prints. The New York City-based photographer explores his surroundings, examining a time and place that seems familiar and even vital, but could pass into the realm of the forgotten as easily as your Friendster account. Luckily there’s free beer from 7:00-10:00pm to ease you into the realization of the transient nature of life.

Pirates invade Renaissance Fair, Jousting Ensues

Royal Jousting, living chess matches, maidens, maypoles…and Pirates? It may read like a cynical Bill and Ted prequel but for sufferers of Peter Pan Syndrome it is the best re-imagining since the Creation Museum.

For those tentative to venture north of 14th Street, 16th century Elizabethan England is unlikely to elicit much excitement, the first two syllables of Re-nai-sance Fair enough to turn eyes to ceiling, heel to road, and friendships to a close.

For others the suggestion of Pirate invasions, chainsaw juggling, tightrope walking, and what NYT referred to as “the next extreme sport” is reason enough to watch this video, pack a lunch, a lancet, and head upstate to heed the bugle’s call.

The Pirate Invasion runs on August 28th and 29th for directions to Tuxedo, New York visit their website here.

Ponce Funeral Home: A Short Story by a "Failing Fiction Writer," Craigslist Poster and Part-Time Mover

Frankie Leone is a 25-year-old native New Yorker who lives in a graffiti-covered warehouse building “in the center of all the beautiful new ones” on Kent Avenue.

He writes fiction, but what he’s most passionate about are his interpretations of his own experiences with women — the best of which he saves for Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

That’s where I found him, the author behind a well-written listing titled, “I’m the incompetent workman you hired a month or two ago.” I told him we’d like to publish a piece on FREEwilliamsburg. He said he’d be honored.

“I’m simultaneously horribly ashamed and sickeningly proud that I’ve done this before,” Frankie told us. “Fucked up with women terribly, captured it in text, and posted it on missed connections.”

He admitted he never thought anything would come from posting them on Craigslist but the entertainment he gets “reading the judgement/commentary of strangers and masturbating my warped romantic ideals.”

Here’s “Ponce Funeral Home”:

“Ponce Funeral Home” by Frankie Leone

You can find Frankie on Facebook or MySpace. He runs Nice Moves Movers, a small moving business that’s gotten some local internet interest because of a flyer. They’re on Yelp, where they’re said to be, “Very sweet personable guys. Easy to coordinate with, easy to talk to. Handled my stuff with care, perk is they were cute.”