Crown Victoria fires staff members for ignoring pleas of woman who was assaulted


On Halloween night, Akilah Hughes — a comedian and writer with a popular YouTube channel and an active social media presence — was allegedly assaulted outside Williamsburg’s Crown Vic. She took to Twitter and Tumblr the following day accusing the security and staff of turning her away after being punched in the face directly in front of their bar. The Tumblr post went viral. Here’s her account of how it went down:

I was at a different bar with friends. This guy came up to me and started touching my hair and getting in my face. I told him to leave me alone. His girlfriend got in my face and I told her to control her boy. Security came and escorted him out. [Read more…]

Five North Brooklyn bars with fireplaces

Fireplace at Crown Victoria (photo:

Fireplace at Crown Victoria (photo:

On nights with a low in the single digits, it’s best to drink libations next to a glowing fire. Below is a roundup of local establishments that can keep your hands warm and your beer frosty.

Two Door Tavern
116 N 5th St

With a mouth-watering menu and a kitchen open ‘til 2 a.m., Two Door Tavern is a cozy spot to shake the snow off and fuel up. The bar has a vintage feel and food and drink specials every night of the week to keep you coming back.

33 Nassau Ave

Brats, beer and board games- the trifecta for an awesome beer garden. Need I say more? [Read more…]

Sunday Pig Roasts at Crown Victoria

From the inbox:

John Ratliff of Ends Meat (formally of Anella & Calyer) and Jose Ramierz-Ruiz (formally of Isa) are now doing weekly pig roasts at Crown Vic in Williamsburg on Sundays. The pigs are heritage breed from a local farm and roasted over custom built rotating spits.The chefs roasts the pigs all day starting at noon till the meat runs out in different styles that vary each week. 2 weeks ago they did a riff on babi guling from Ibu Oka in Bali. The meat comes with an assortment of sides, and the plates usually go for around $15-17. Starts at 5 until pigs gone. Usually 10

More information about Crown Victoria bar here.