Top 5 Shows of the Weekend


Seems a bit at odds that the same week as Martin Luther King day we get one of the most incompetent and divisive human beings in the country as our 45th president. But here we are. For those who don’t have the inclination or energy for politics this weekend, there are many excellent ways in which to avoid the circus.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


This is the first weekend in which David Bowie no longer exists (and now, also tragically, Alan Rickman); still a hard concept to process. As the great man said, “I know when to go out, and when to stay in”, might I suggest the former this weekend. I’m not giving you much chance to put on your red shoes and dance with these suggestions, and you might get the blues, but if you decide the stay in, and get things done, perhaps the strange ones in the dome can lend us a book we can read up alone.

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15 bands to watch at CMJ 2015

cmj2015Though sometimes buried in an avalanche of free pizza, promo beer, and press releases, CMJ Music Marathon’s guiding principal has always been the discovery of new music. In that spirit, we decided to kick off coverage of the mega-fest’s 35th year with a countdown of 15 must-see bands you may have not heard, but need to. So even if your fav Tinder hook up’s lo-fi power pop thing didn’t make the list—sorry, we have 75 venues and 1,000 bands to keep track of here—sit down and give it a skim. Who knows, you might even find something worth seeing. [Read more…]