Captured live: Tonya Morgan at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

I caught Tonya Morgan’s last song during their performance at The Music Hall of Williamsburg during Converses showcase. The mob of people outside was a complete shit show. After some complications me and my boy Layton were able to get inside. Thanks Jacob at Converse. I didn’t really get set until half way through this video. So it’s a little sketchy. I literally just walked into the venue got my cam out and tried to get what I could aiming over heads. Enjoy!


Captured live: Flatbush Zombies at the Williamsburg Hall of Music

I never heard of the Flatbush Zombies before Converse’s showcase at The Music Hall of Williamsburg lastnight. Obviously I live under some sort of rock or something because the crowd was singing word for word and going crazy. A group of artist this dope and I’m just hearing of them now? I should be ashamed of myself.

These dudes murdered it! When was the last time you went to a hip hop show with mosh pits and crowd surfing? If you don’t know who they are I suggest you find out real quick. A bleach blonde mohawk, Platinum grills, and woman everywhere. The Flatbush Zombies are stirring shit up! Great set!


Captured live: Action Bronson at the Williamsburg Hall of Music

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Justin Little, August 23, 2010
Lastnight I hit up Converse’s showcase at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. This was probably the best showcase I’ve been to in the last decade. It was a very personal show. Anyone who was in the crowd during the Flatbush Zombies or Action Bronson had to feel alive. Layton(the drummer from Courtesy Tier) and I both agreed this shit was incredible. I’m not going to get into specifics or anything. I’m not going to say anything about how you made it rain on the crowd with some of NYC finest greenery. I’m also not going to talk about the many pairs of $600 dollar shoes you threw onto the stage either.Action Bronson you’re the man for about a zillion reasons! PS: Jacob at Converse, thanks for the hospitality!

Converse opening a recording studio

Apparently indie bands love footwear in 2010. Whether you’re Animal Collective designing a cute kids’ sneaker for charity, or Best Coast appearing on a song released by Converse. Well, now Converse is stepping up their effort to remain in with the hip music crowd by opening a recording studio in Williamsburg.

Rubber Tracks will serve as a catalyst for originality by giving new and emerging bands the opportunity to record their songs in a high-quality studio setting. Musicians of all genres will be able to apply in advance for a time to use the studio – for free. As in no cost.

The studio will be called Rubber Tracks (I bet they thought of naming it the Converse Shoe-dio, but that got vetoed), and will open early next year. Below is a video of Big Boi, Neon Indian and a bunch of other people from the music world talking about recording studios and why they are so rad. I want to be skeptical and say this is all just a huge commercial for Converse, but this actually sounds like a really cool thing for a lot of bands that can’t afford studio space (or shoes). More information here.

Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij: "What Makes Brooklyn Special Is…"

…the music, duh! Well, he didn’t quite use those exact words, but yes, Rostam is right. The video is brought to us by Converse, as the final installment of teasers for a single song collabo between Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi, and Best Coast which should be released via free download on the staple kicks’ respective websites. Should be interesting?