Looking for New England: Haselore Kohl meets Controlled Bleeding

She doesn’t want to change the world, she’s just looking for New England…
…and she has made it as far as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City where world famous editoress and bun-rock jet-set queen Haselore Kohl met up with Controlled Bleeding‘s Paul Lemos last night to ask him her infamous three questions…

Last Night Vol08: Controlled Bleeding / Zilmrah

Wordless music that screams louder than Slayer’s “Angel of Death”. Controlled Bleeding and Zilmrah live at the Silent Barn last night.

Controlled Bleeding’s Valentine’s Massacre

Controlled Bleeding, alongside Syphilitic Lust and Occultation ripped a big fat hole in our collectively bleeding hearts at the Lit Lounge on Monday. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. Yes, this and only this was the appropriate soundtrack to it. You missed it? Sucks to be you.

Controlled Bleeding splatters Eardrums again

In case you haven’t yet noticed, Paul Lemos’ legendary experimental and avantgarde outfit Controlled Bleeding is back in action. Last night they were at Cake Shop, ripping through 30 minutes of shredding prog rock. What’s your excuse for not having been there?

Below are a few more clips of recent appearances
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