Sufjan Stevens played Beacon Theater

I can hardly think of anything more joyful than dancing in a downpour of balloons in a beautiful old theater. Similarly, I can hardly think of a more joyful backdrop to this scene than Sufjan Stevens. The night ended with people kicking and tossing multiple-colored balloons into the air, the firework-like sound of several rabble rousers frantically popping them and hundreds of voices collectively repeating “All things go.” It was like the feeling of standing in the middle a casino floor – the euphoric chiming and colors and bright lights and the prospect that something great may be just ahead in your future.

The night was made up of a set of mostly material from the new LP The Age of Adz, Deborah Johnson’s projections of artist Royal Robertson’s drawings, neon body paint and some serious choreographed dancing. I had no idea Suf had these kinda of moves, but it was like some kind if futuristic soulful vogueing as he belted out tunes. The crowd welcomed the band back home to New York City and they seemed equally appreciative of this and gave a show that has been road-tested and perfected.

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