Beach House played Conan

Wow! Teen Dream has basically been with us throughout all of 2010, so it is easy to forget sometimes how mind-blowing these songs are. Luckily we have late night television to remind us. Beach House brought “10 Mile Stereo” to Conan last night and proved that they really do deserve their high-ranking spots on so many year-end lists.

They also released a “winter/holiday” song called “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun” available at their blog. Predictably, it also rules.

Conan O'Brien played with Jack White

Like a lot of people, I don’t have cable. So I had to wait til today to see this duet between Jack and Coco. Worth the wait.

Happy to have this guy back on the airwaves. He’s obviously already proving that he is more talented than any other late night host.

CoCo's Ratings Were Higher

Victory is the sweetest revenge.

When NBC fired Conan O’Brien, they said his numbers sucked and Letterman was beating him and they were losing money. So they replaced him with Jay Leno. The bad news is that Leno gets even lower numbers than Conan did. The badder news is that Lenos comeback numbers have dropped and now he doesn’t beat Letterman either. So if NBC’s plan was to piss away 200 million dollars on a complete clusterfuck, mission accomplished!