A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop is coming to Williamsburg

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop from Istanbul called Walter’s Coffee Roastery, is planning to open a Williamsburg location at [Read more…]

Starbucks had their Williamsburg liquor license denied again

starbucksbeerCommunity Board 1 in Williamsburg had their final vote last night regarding Starbucks’ request for a liquor license for the forthcoming North 7th location. I talked to [Read more…]

New Oslo-birthed coffee shop open in Bushwick

strangewaysEddie Cedeno was Oslo Coffee’s manager/roaster when the place burned down in January. Cedeno took that as a sign that he needed to fulfill his dream of bringing Oslo roasted coffee to his neighborhood in Bushwick with a new place called Strangeways. From Bedford + Bowery:

From 7 a.m. till 7 p.m., seven days a week, Strangeways will serve single-origin-only brews (no blends) and prepare them in all the ways you’d wanna drink specialty coffee: there’s a pour-over bar with a Hario cone that uses both paper and metal filters; there’s an AeroPress; and there’s a tasty Ethiopian Yirgacheffe espresso, plus all your other standard coffee drinks.

Strangeway is on 87 Nicholas Avenue.

Oslo celebrates reopening with free coffee today

Photo of the new storefront via Oslo’s facebook page

Oslo Coffee’s Bedford (and S 2nd st.) location reopens today after suffering a massive fire four months ago. From Gothamist:

Owner J.D. Merget confirms the Bedford Avenue location is open for business this morning—sort of. “Everything’s free,” a triumphant Merget told us last night, before correcting himself. “Actually, not everything—just the coffee!” The coffeeshop will close early today, at 2 p.m., and reopen with regular hours tomorrow.


How many coffee shops are there in Williamsburg?

Economists at NYCEDC took a look at the listings for all of the coffee shops in NYC. They broke down the numbers by zip code and found that Williamsburg’s 11211 has the highest concentration of coffee shops outside of Manhattan with 31 shops. They also found that 42.7% of the coffee spots in NYC are either Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. I did a little math myself and that number drops way down to 6.5% in Williamsburg being that there are 2 Dunkin’ Donuts and no Starbucks (for now) within the 11211 zip code. Check out more of their coffee findings here.

Totally Into: Tar Pit

Because it’s been beaten to death, because it’s used for everything and tells us nothing—because a 24-hour and/or certified artisanal and/or kitschy-weird anything does not a precious blood diamond make—let’s boycott “hidden gem.”

Tar Pit

Tucked away on an otherwise gray stretch of Woodpoint Road, particularly in the thick of legitimate (see: Code Narnia) winter weather, Tar Pit is more like a cabin in the woods—think Mr. Tumnus, not Joss Whedon. Owners Lauren Kidder (a furniture fabricator) and Kerry Sano (a motorcycle mechanic) have made it so, building up most of the space from reclaimed wood and lucky estate sale finds. Boasting espresso-based drinks (Plowshares), baked goods (Ceci-Cela, Pie Corps), and tea packaged on-site, it feels like an intimate hideaway in an alternate universe where brusque baristas and laptop lurkers simply don’t exist. Since opening a few blocks away from the main Graham Avenue strip in July 2011, Tar Pit has made it clear that it is more than just another coffee shop. “We wanted to build community without being pretentious,” says Lauren, “and that kind of started when the building owner approached us and said, ‘Hey, you should paint those garage doors down the block’—so we got a bunch of people together and did.”

[Read more…]

More than just a fix: Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee Holiday BoxCoffee, long may you run our lives, help the hung-over, and get us through our daily plight as semi-creative worker bees. And while we can’t all be coffee aficionados, we don’t have to stand by idly like Bartelby, consuming lifeless and burnt drivel. Some have always known that there’s more to coffee than just caffeine, but for us in the masses it’s not always easy finding the good stuff. That’s all changing thanks to a local Brooklyn service, Craft Coffee. Born right out of the burg they send a sampler pack of three amazing coffees from top roasters around the country right to your doorstep.

No joke, this is the best coffee you will ever taste, and they have the hip barista tasting crew to prove it. Blind taste tests and forty coffees sampled every month means the absolute best coffee for you.

Order now,as in right now, if you want to gift a Holiday Tasting Box in time for the Holidays at craftcoffee.com ($29.99 free shipping)  Three, six and twelve month subscriptions start at $19.99 a month.