Looks Like Greenpoint’s Beleaguered Bar Coco 66 Is Set to Re-Open Tomorrow

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Formerly: Coco 66 shut down, owner arrested

Coco 66 shut down, owner arrested

Greenpoint’s generally cool hangout bar/music venue Coco 66 was raided, shut down and owner David Kelleran was arrested.

According to Gothamist:

It seems owner David Kelleran has been operating without a liquor license, and local police tell New York Shitty that the precinct “did a joint operation Saturday with the State Liquor Authority… The owner was arrested and all the liquor was order destroyed by the SLA.” According to one observer, $20,000 worth of precious, life-sustaining liquor was poured down the drain!

Apparently, Kalleran had been buying liquor from retail liquor stores instead of a distributor. It seems like it will be shut down for a long while, with the possibility of getting a liquor license looking pretty unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Industries of the Blind Chapter 1 Release Party

The much awaited release of Brooklyn based instrumental post rock band Industries of the Blind debuts at Coco66 Friday. On April 8 their evolving lineup, now consisting of three guitars, a bass, keys, two violins, a viola, and drums will premiere their first official release in their nearly eight years. Originating in the great state of North Carolina in 2003, the band has grown through various incarnations, honing their technical, sprawling sound and ethereal energy. Industries is sure to bring an exciting and memorable show along with Ghastly City Sleep and Future Ghosts. The new Industries album, “Chapter 1” is available for download at any digital retailer or their website. Rumor has it, a few songs from their upcoming album, Chapter 2, might make their way onto the set list. For only 7 bucks, don’t miss this show.

Santos Party House got shut down

photo via Village Voice

We’ve all come to expect DIY spaces to get shut down. When you’re throwing a basement show every Friday night or have set up shop in an abandoned warehouse to invite 500 of your closest friends over, it is really only a matter of time before some cops come and shut you down. (Not that it isn’t still a bummer when it happens). But with the recent shut down of Coco66 and now Santos Party House, there may even be a crackdown on legit venues.

Brooklyn Vegan writes:

Historically club crackdowns always come in waves, so it could be more than a coincidence that Coco66 was also shut down the same week, though they are kind of far apart and in different boroughs and were shut for different reasons (Coco66 was capacity-related or something). Paladino is to blame! Just kidding.

The shut down last night at Santos was due to sale or possession of drugs, forcing the Ninja Tune party to be relocated. Hopefully they will get things sorted out and start the party up again soon. I also hope Andrew WK is doing OK as a result of this. (Kidding. I’m sure he is remaining super positive and continuing to party anywhere and everywhere.)

Coco66 Missed Connections and The Art of Remembering to Exchange Digits

Missed Connections are usually just that, missed connections. When one sad and lonely loverboy or girl feel like there may have been some sparks in the air, hoping that the true love they met while too drunk to remember to introduce themselves may be scouring the internet in hopes to find said person’s declaration of lust.

Well in this case, Brooklyn’s own “Dennis Rodman” may have found her lucky one. She writes:

met at coco66. you liked my rodman bulls jersey.
we talked about how the mc sucked, how it was straightup brostep at times.. then about public policy, mixed used development, rent-controlled housing.
we grabbed burritos and tequila at paquitos. you didnt eat your food
we got a cab back to my apt in williamsburg on Bedford.
i think we were too drunk to remember to get each other’s number.

Well, you’re in luck Dubstep princess, he thinks you’re awesome too. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope these two find each other once more. And remember, when you’re out there trying to get it in with the same person twice… you might want to exchange phone numbers in the morning.

Tonight: John Waters weirds out Coco66

When first moving to New York, I found myself, for whatever reason, watching Pink Flamingos with alarming frequency. Maybe it was because I was unemployed. Maybe it was because the movie is undeniably hilarious. But I think it was because more than anyone, John Waters understands that it is OK to revel in the dark and bizarre. Not just to acknowledge it or laugh at it, but to show that his is, in fact, a better way to view the world than the way you’re used to.

Tonight, at Coco66, we can delve into where this worldview of his came from. As part of the Brooklyn Book Festival’s “Bookend” events, Waters will be interviewed by Carolyn Kellogg of L.A. Times about his new book Role Models. In the book, he discusses the people who shaped his creative and weird outlook on the world – from playwrights to Baltimore locals to Little Richard. Admission includes a copy of Role Models. There is no way this will not be awesome.

Ticket Giveaway: Apache Beat, Beach Fossils, Blood Orange, and We Are All Romans at Coco66

Yes, that’s right– our first installment of FREEwilly First Thursdays at Coco66 is tonight, and what better way to celebrate than giving away a pair of tickets to the show!?

I mean, free tickets or not, you wanna be there anyway. Check out this lineup:

10pm  Apache Beat

9pm  Blood Orange

8pm  We Are All Romans

The live performances will be followed by DJ sets from Beach Fossils, the perfect boys to say so long to summer with, and Ilijrana from Apache Beat. Not to mention the fabulous Whitney Fierce giving us hits to shake our rumps to all night long!

So head on over to the Facebook invite, RSVP and share it with your friends, and you could be the proud new owner of two tickets to tonight’s show.

We’re picking a winner at 3pm, so stay on your toes!

Otherwise, doors are at 7pm // $8 at the door

Introducing FREEwilly First Thursdays at Coco66

We are proud to announce our newest monthly series at Coco66, aptly named FREEwilly First Thursdays!!

The first installment will take place this coming Thurs Sept. 2nd with Apache Beat— one of our long standing favorites in the ‘hood who will be releasing their highly anticipated debut full-length, Last Chants, on October 5th. The album will feature guest appearances from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rapture, and Lightspeed Champion.

Blood Diamonds remix of “Another Day” has been making serious waves on the internet these last few days.

And speaking of Lightspeed Champion, we’ve got Blood Orange playing as well. Another project from the laptop/guitar savvy Brit, Devonté Hynes– who somehow translates his one man show into a sort of if-Prince-played-Market-Hotel sound.

Opening the night is We Are All Romans a duo which was brought together through a mutual interest in phase patterns, sampling and 20th century classical music. And according to Brian Patrick Hill (Guitar, Vocal, Synthesizer, Samples) and Angus Tarnawsky (Drums, Vocals, FX), WAAR is neither confounded by the future or nostalgic to the past.

The night gets kicked off with DJ Whitney Fierce, and is followed by DJ sets from Apache Beat’s leading lady Ilirjana Alushaj as well as musical selections from the boys of the summery lo-fi Brooklyn faves, Beach Fossils.

Doors 7pm | 21+ | $8

We’ll be announcing a handful of special goodies in the next few days, but for now, go RSVP for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!

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