Chicago chef popular with the Obamas just opened a new Italian joint in Wburg


credit: Paul Quitoriano/Gothamist

The restaurant is called Lilia and it’s a partnership with the owners of Anella & Jimmy’s:

Chef Missy Robbins, who helped make Chicago’s Spiaggia a destination for the Obamas, has opened a restaurant on a quiet stretch of Union Avenue in Williamsburg. The A Voce vet is cooking up rustic Italian at her restaurant Lilia, with a focus on handmade pastas and seafood and meat cooked in a custom-made wood grill diners can peek at through the open kitchen. The former auto-body shop has been given several refinements including handmade tiles and wooden banquettes, but the refurbished iron casement windows are original in keeping with the neighborhood’s love of all things vintage. [Read more…]

Coping With Mother Nature

Mother nature teased us with amazing weather all weekend only to wake us up Monday and Tuesday to an intense case of blue balls. “Rain rain go away come back another day!” because you’re ruining my life with this rain crap. I’m so ready for McCarren Pool (capacity 900 hipsters = roughly 15,000 tattoos) to open this summer. In the meantime, we have no choice but to cope. If you’re lame and don’t plan on coming out to play after work today, no worries, here are a few videos to keep you occupied and get some testosterone circulating in those “Gonads”. I’m Justin Little by the way, whisper sweet nothings into my ear if you hear something you like. Enjoy!

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