Holiday Shopping Brooklyn Style: First Ever #EATANDFLEA Brunch Bazaar

Alkhemi9 at Tutu's, photo courtesy of @vlaforever

Alkhemi9 at Tutu’s, via @vlaforever

‘Tis the season… for holiday markets to popup all over the city. People line the streets hoping to score local handmade goodies and artisanal wares. Sure these markets are great places to hit with your Xmas checklist, but now, for the fist time ever, Press Vintage brings the flea to you. Introducing the First Annual #EATANDFLEA Brunch Bazaar, a holiday pop-up taking place at Tutu’s and combining all of your favorite weekend activities in one. Eat. Drink. Shop. Be Merry.

Frustrated with the commotion of other holiday fairs, Emma Bracy and Ben Martel, founders of Press Vintage, partnered with Tutu’s to create the first ever #EATANDFLEA Brunch Bazaar: brunch in the front, bazaar-ing in the back, with some special added touches (like sexy live jazz and free Perrier) that will take you out of holiday hell while you get your necessary shopping on.

This one-of-a-kind holiday shopping experience highlights local vendors with fly gifts for all. Between Press Vintage‘s men’s–women’s–unisex offerings and Various Love Affairs‘ handmade designer digs you’ll have your clothing needs covered. Friends think they fancy, huh? Check out the jewelry selection, including Alkhemi9‘s metal masterpieces and the special sneak-peak of jewelry line KRI.MARINO (formerly of Downtown Diaries fame).

#EATANDFLEA taking place at Tutu’s, 25 Bogart Street, noon to 6pm on Saturdays (12/14) and  (12/21).

via @pressmatters

via @pressmatters


Pop-up rave: Bushwick Gone Basel

Via DNA.Info/Ms. Fitz

Via DNA/Ms. Fitz

From the “oh, this is absolutely necessary” file:

A pack of local adventurers is planning to give Art Basel a taste of the Bushwick art scene with a pop-up rave this week — complete with “lots of trash on the floor,” organizers said.

In Bushwick Gone Basel,dozens of Brooklyn performers are packing up their art, instruments and party skills to “descend upon the center of paradise” in South Beach for the prestigious arts fest.

“We’re creating a pop-up rave space that’s going to be like a party in Bushwick,” said event promoter and artist Ms. Fitz, who co-organized Bushwick Gone Basel with fellow artist Angelina Dreem, laughing that the party would include “lots of trash in the floor,” in true Bushwick style.


That noise? That’s the sound of a millions pairs of eyes glazing over, rolling back into heads and tongues dripping from mouths. But wait, there’s more. [Read more…]

Pampered Bushwick hipster gentrifiers wage war on more pampered Bushwick hipster gentrifiers

Rooftop playground at CastleBraid apartments. Photo: Paul Martinka

Rooftop playground at CastleBraid apartments. Photo: Paul Martinka

Seems a group of Bushwick hipsters is angry that they’re getting pushed out by another group of elite hipsters with larger trustfunds. Oh the horror:

The hipsters who settled the Brooklyn neighborhood 10 years ago have declared war on rich kids flocking to new luxury digs on their parents’ dime.

CastleBraid, an upscale rental complex marketed for artists, was adorned last month with crime-scene tape reading “Occupy.”

The “perps’’ were first-generation hipsters calling themselves “Occupy Bushwick.” They say they are “in solidarity” with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

CastleBraid is stacked with amenities designed to appeal to the aspiring hipsters.

“It’s like Neverland over there,” fumed Angelina Dreem, 27, a yoga teacher who’s lived in Bushwick for four years and owns Body Actualized yoga studio across the street from the complex.
“It’s an adult children playground,” Dreem said. “They’re all, like, subsidized.” [Read more…]

Mama Joy’s closes in Bushwick – replaced by Ethiopian pop-up Bunna


We’re sad to see Mama Joy’s close, but are excited to try Bunna:

The Southern-style Mama Joy’s restaurant and bar closed this weekend 15 months after opening on Flushing Avenue, but the thriving Ethiopian pop-up Bunna Cafe is continuing to operate there after serving lunch since July.

“We’re like a pop-up in a vacant restaurant,” said Bunna’s founder Sam Saverance, whose lunches have been praised by local blogs and most recently in a rave New York Times review. “We’re holding our own.”

The owner of Mama Joy’s didn’t respond immediately to emails requesting comment, but Saverance said the eatery had been struggling to attract business in recent months.

Now, he is eyeing the space as a potential permanent home for Bunna, but noted that nothing was set in stone.

“There’s a possibility we might stay,” said Saverance, who launched Bunna as a secret dinner series. “It’s definitely an option.”

In the meantime, Bunna is expanding its hours next week with a special Thanksgiving dinner menu featuring dishes with pumpkin, cranberries and other holiday-themed foods — except for turkey.

“We are close to doing big things for Bunna Cafe,” he wrote to his fans on Facebook, “and this event will spearhead what is going to be an intense few months ahead.”

More information at

Douglas Elliman rep: 70% of Brooklyn home sales going to hedge funds, investors and international buyers

Alan Dixon of Australian-based Dixon Advisory is leading investments in residential properties in the New York area.

This dude can’t even remember how many Bushwick properties
his Australian-based investment company bought

And this is why you can’t afford anything:

Standing in the dining room of the early 1900s-era brick rowhouse, deep in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn with not a frozen yogurt shop or Starbucks to be found, Alan Dixon, an investor from Australia, struggled to tally the houses he had bought in the area over the last year.

Alan Dixon of Australian-based Dixon Advisory is leading investments in residential properties in the New York area.
“What, 70? 72?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in question at a group of investors, contractors and designers standing nearby. A dozen construction workers scurried around, fastening plasterboard to walls and laying tile on floors, readying the four-bedroom house that the group purchased in June for $635,000 for leasing in less than two weeks’ time for as much as $5,490 a month.

Finally, someone locates the number on a piece of paper — 70, later corrected to 71. “That sounds right. Something like that,” Mr. Dixon said with a laugh, tugging on the cuff of the pink shirt he wore under his gray suit jacket.

It’s easy to understand why it might be difficult for Mr. Dixon to keep track. In just two years, the investment fund he oversees for Australian investors and retirees has purchased more than 538 homes, townhouses and brownstones from Jersey City to Queens and Brooklyn […] [Read more…]

Get your Halloween on early this weekend: Brooklyn Halloween parties 2013


Friday, Glasslands dresses up like Twin Peaks to become the Red Lodge:

Brooklyn’s premier purveyor of Lynch-smeared dark electronic pop music, a place both wonderful and strange, invites you to spend a Halloween night in the Black Lodge.

Come dressed to impress as your favorite Twin Peaks character for the chance to win fabulous prizes courtesy of Welcome To Twin Peaks. Do the Leland Palmer to twisted, fun DJ sets all night long. Guzzle down coffee and donuts to your hearts content. And, whatever you do…Beware of Bob.


Saturday, check out Mister Saturday Night: Waterworld with Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter

We toyed with the idea of throwing a government shutdown-themed party, but then we thought, “What’s even scarier than the US government dealing with a problem that they know exists?” That’s right. A problem they don’t believe exists. Global Warming. And so we bring you, on this scariest of holidays, Mister Halloween Night: Water World.

We’ll be transforming 12-turn-13 into an underwater city in which jellyfish take the A train, and you practice your best synchronized swimming moves on the dancefloor. Mermen Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will spin the deepest whale songs never heard by man; and the Neptune-like gods of theARTcorps will attach starfish to buildings and use bioluminescent creatures to light the disco ball for your visual pleasure. Costumes are required if you’re gonna take the plunge with us, but don’t feel limited to Little Mermaid get-ups. Think melting ice caps, Jacques Cousteau, Noah’s Ark (we want to see a lot of animals, two-by-two), scuba divers and polar bears in Bermuda shorts. Group costumes will keep you afloat the longest, and if you don’t dress up, you’ll be stranded.

10pm on Saturday, October 26.
172 Classon Avenue; Brooklyn, NY 11205

Also on Saturday: [Read more…]

Bushwick gets multiple mentions — including one Michelin star — in new guide

Dear Bushwick

Dear Bushwick

Falansai, Mominette, Dear Bushwick, Northeast Kingdom, El Mio Cid and Roberta’s all made the cut, with Blanca receiving a Michelin star. Dear Bushwick should get one JUST for their amazing pork chop:

The best French “puff pastry filled with tender roast duck infused with wine and tart cranberries,” Vietnamese catfish with “ambrosial broth,” and “perfect warm triangles” of Spanish tortillas are all within a few blocks in the neighborhood — the latest Michelin Restaurant Guide says so.

The 2014 guide, released Wednesday, includes a host of new Bushwick eateries, including three that have opened in the last year. [Read more…]

Banksy strikes Williamsburg and Bushwick

underwear-day4As part of his month-long NYC residency, Banksy’s latest pieces are located in Williamsburg and Bushwick. The above piece Dirty Underwear: The Musical (Williamsburg) and the below OCCUPY!: The Musical(Bushwick) are part of [Read more…]