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Since we know finding an apartment in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint is increasingly difficult, here are some resources to help you with your search:

Bushwick rents have actually dropped

bushwickI know it seems like we’re hurtling towards a dystopian New York City where we’re all priced out to the South Bronx or Staten Island, but it turns out that average rents in Bushwick have actually DROPPED over the past year. Crazy right?

Rents in the neighborhood went from an average of $2,485 per month in August 2014 to $2,090 in August of 2015 — a deeper drop than any other popular Brooklyn neighborhood, according to a report by real estate firm MNS.

Quite honestly, $2,485 and similar figures I’ve seen reported over the past couple of years always seemed a tad high to me (shhhh, I’m still in a one-bed for hundreds less than the August 2015 number), so it sounds like the pollsters were in for a market adjustment towards the 2k range. Don’t get ready to break your lease with hopes of copping a cheap railroad on Troutman just yet though, friends. The drop in price seems to have a lot to do with an influx of new units which may have finally satiated the frantic demand for rentals between Flushing Ave and the graveyard. [Read more…]

Enter the red phone booth to discover Bushwick’s new speakeasy, Hell Phone


Yeah we know… speakeasy’s are so Aughts. Just show us the door already! Still, we’re excited to try Hell Phone after seeing the pics. Bushwick Daily likes it:

Enter through a red phone booth and voila – you’re in Hell Phone, the new restaurant and speakeasy at 247 Varet St.

Vanessa and Anguy Pacini, the owners of Ange Noir, have been renovating for the past two years and have finally opened Hell Phone behind the existing cafe. Like something out of Doctor Who, it is an absolutely magical place – red velvet sofas made from repurposed phone booths, dark wood floors, original brickwork, and a piano you can dine on. And while the London phone booths may give the place a decidedly British flair, the restaurant is much more closely tied with the owners’ native France…. [Read more…]

Moku Moku, a new Izakaya restaurant in Bushwick, is now open


Moku Moku recently opened in Bushwick (you can call it East Williamsburg if you want). It’s from the same people who own Momo Sushi Shack which is next door:

Opened in the former Olive Valley space, Moku Moku isn’t doing sushi, but rather a more meat-heavy menu focused on Yakitori, which in Japanese means grilled chicken. But it’s not just chicken they’re serving here — on the menu you’ll find specialties including grilled beef tongue, chicken gizzards and beef heart. [Read more…]

Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: June 19-21

Hello Summer! This weekend marks the start of the season and it’s evident in the sprinkling of daytime outdoor options. Celebrate today’s end to the work week with a happy hour in the sun on the roof of Output with Have A Killer Time presents John Barera & Will Martin, two of Boston’s finest up-and-coming House producers. At night, head into Good Room for the return of the Dope Jams DJs, an all night clubbing affair with Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt. Saturday continues at Bossa Nova with the leftfield techno party Down By Low featuring Alex From Queens. Then as Pride Week makes its way into Brooklyn, Club Shade hosts a secret warehouse fest featuring Hearthrob, Honey Dijon and more. By Sunday you’ll want to cap it all off on N6th street as CAMEO and Beats In Space close down the block for Make Music New York featuring the sweet and eclectic Disco sounds of WNYU’s Tim Sweeney, Tom Noble, and Ivan Berko. See you on the other side! [email protected]


[Read more…]

Bushwick Hipster Vampire movie “Summer of Blood”


We know that Mad Men and Game of Thrones are back, but if you’re looking for a diversion that’s a little closer to home, check out “Summer of Blood” on Netflix. Bushwick Daily recommends it and the trailer is funny:

Imagine a combination of the very playful What We Do In The Shadows and a much less serious Only Lovers Left Alive but with a very Bushwick twist. Featured last year at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, this was a film that surprised most with its dry humor that leaves you questioning just how aware the characters are of their own personalities. Between a never-ending, self-serving lifestyle and a personality that continually grates on the viewer, the character of Erik Sparrow begins to slowly grow on you as if a welcomed symbiotic friend that you love to hate but just can’t get rid of. Watch the transformation of a schlubby, paunchy, aging Brooklynite as he learns that maybe there is something a little bit more to life than his own pitiful desires of life free from responsibility or depth.

Check out the trailer below: [Read more…]

Trash Bar is moving to Bushwick

We were pretty bummed when we found out that beloved bar/music venue Trash Bar would join the long, long list of Williamsburg bar/music venue closings, but it looks like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel in Bushwick. Erm… meaning the folks behind Trash Bar will DEFINITELY be opening a new location in Bushwick, according to the bar’s Facebook.

The rumors are true. Trash Bar is temporarily closing its doors in March and we have definitive plans to re-open at a yet undisclosed Bushwick location. I, the staff, and a great many fans that have affectionately patronized The Trash Bar over the years have watched Williamsburg change firsthand. While these days the increasing rental rates are a well-known force to be reckoned with, the neighborhoods evolution has been exciting to watch and has, in many ways, been great both for business and for the nabe’s energy and action.

[Read more…]

Porn festival coming to Bushwick


The NYC Porn Film Festival will debut at Secret Project Robot Feb. 28 through March 1 and they are seeking your pervy submissions! Huff Post spoke to the event organizer, Simon Leahy:

It’s important promote discourse around sex, sexuality, porn-economics and gender. NYC sometimes seems like such a white-washed, gentrified space. We live in a hyper-sexualized society but some have archaic Victorian values around sex. Porn is something we all take part in, whether it be jacking off behind closed doors or walking down the street consuming an image of Nicki Minaj’s butt. To progress culture we need to have these conversions to challenge the older values around sex and sexuality. Homosex and Hetrosex need to find meeting points — ideally, we want to spark the next sexual revolution. I want to live in a world in which these labels don’t exist. I would like to point out that the festival isn’t a “queer” festival or a “hetro” festival. We want to include the full range of sexualities, fetishes and genders.

So there you go. Now get to work on your “submission.”