Yes! NYC has purchased the final piece of Bushwick Inlet Park

parkIt’s nice to get some good news every once in a while! After many years of negotiating with the owner of the land designated for Bushwick Inlet Park, the city has finally purchased the final piece for $160 million dollars. From [Read more…]

Saturday: go camping in Bushwick Inlet Park for a sleep-in protest


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Norm Brodsky recently rejected the city’s measly $100 million offer for Bushwick Inlet Park. Days are numbered to make a deal, so this weekend bring your tent and join the protest.

This Saturday July 9th at 7pm, join Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park at Bushwick Inlet Park (1 N12th St @ Kent Ave ) for a Sleep-in Protest Teach-in. [Read more…]

Norm Brodsky rejects city’s measly $100 million offer for Bushwick Inlet Park


Norm Brodsky

The developer is hoping to get $325 for the land, effectively holding the city for ransom. De Blasio made the $100 million offer for the land last week. So much for getting the park we were promised. Thanks Norm!

City officials met with developer Norm Brodsky on Thursday to make the offer on his burnt-out CitiStorage warehouses at Kent Avenue and N. 11th Street, but Brodsky turned them down, according to his real-estate rep, who claims they have higher offers on the table and DeBlasio will have to up the ante to compete. [Read more…]

NYC has made a formal offer to acquire the land for Bushwick Inlet Park

inletAccording to Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYC has offered $100 Million dollars to the owners of the Citistorage site that was promised to the city for the much delayed expansion of Bushwick Inlet Park. From [Read more…]

New York State may seize land for Williamsburg park using eminent domain

The battle for the land that should be the rest of Bushwick Inlet Park may actually have some hope. As many [Read more…]

There’s an Occupy the Inlet event this weekend at Bushwick Inlet Park


If you follow this site, you’re likely familiar with the saga of Bushwick Inlet Park. The city promised to turn the 28 acre plot of land on the East River into a park, but now its in danger of being sold to the highest bidder for condos. On Sunday, come out by land or by sea to tell City Council that we want our park:


Join (human-powered) boaters and fill the extraordinary Bushwick Inlet to show the City that we refuse to to let the promised park space become another doormat for skyscraper development. [Read more…]

Times says Bushwick Inlet Park could cost another half billion in “ransom” money


Better late than never, the Times has finally tackled the Bushwick Inlet Park controversy. Adding up the numbers, they write that the city — which has already spent $225 million on the park — is a “textbook study in civic entropy and how public developments go awry.” And $225 million is just the beginning. The owner of the CitiStorage site (which lies at the center of the projected park and recently suffered a very suspicious fire) now wants a reported $500 million for his 11-acre lot. “The city will not, and should never, pay that kind of ransom,” says the Times:

Unsurprisingly, the first turn toward the absurd involved a lawsuit. Through eminent domain, the city offered $12 million for the rental truck lot. When the owner found a sympathetic judge, the price tag leapt into the stratosphere, to more than $90 million. The owner of CitiStorage, next door, Norman Brodsky, naturally assumed he had also hit the jackpot. Crain’s reported recently that he now wants $500 million for his 11-acre site. If the city won’t pony up, his site will cleave the prospective park in two…. [Read more…]

Rally this week for Bushwick Inlet Park

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

Last month’s CitiStorage fire has catalyzed local advocates who are demanding that the construction of Bushwick Inlet Park begin now. This, of course, seems reasonable since residents were promised a park in 2005 when Bloomberg rezoned Northside’s waterfront. To voice their concerns, a rally is scheduled for March 12.

The recent CitiStorage fire has eliminated our ability to wait. This 11 acre property between N.10th and N.12th Streets, west of Kent is the essential core of the promised 28 acre Bushwick Inlet Park. The property can be sold for private development as ­of ­right (M3­1 commercial zoning) tomorrow. If it is sold and redeveloped, we lose the last possible open space on the Williamsburg waterfront. There will be an almost unbroken wall of towers from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Newtown Creek.

A group used tech projectors last night to get their point across.