A burrito is no place for canned vegetables.

vegallA few weeks ago, I felt a little under the weather  hungover and absolutely craved a burrito. I usually order seamless from Taco Santana when I’m craving Mexican, but I ordered from there earlier that week and didn’t want to be recognized by the delivery man. Just a mere days previous, I was less than nice after having to walk down all three flights of stairs to obtain my torta due to his confusion over the buzzer.

To avoid any sort of confrontation or exercise in my ragged state, I decided to order from El Loco Burrito. It had four stars. A solid rating, so how bad could it be? Turns out Seamless reviews are not to be trusted blindly. After my order arrived, I took a big bite out of the “chili beef burrito.” Lettuce, cheese, tomato, tortilla. Not too disappointing, but not exactly good. Another bite. This time I taste the ground beef. Grey and bland, I can only imagine it was boiled. No flavor and not exactly helping to cure my hangover. I’m thinking to myself that it might magically get better… maybe not all of the beef is that weird grey color. I take one more bite, and I taste… peas and carrots? What? This can’t be! I am so thrown off by this strange combo I decide to dissect the burrito, and yes, there are factory shaped squares of potatoes, soggy carrots and peas that can come from no other than a can of Veg-All mixed vegetables. I REPEAT- VEG-ALL MIXED VEGETABLES! I was forced to eat the stuff as a child, but no more. There is no way I could bring myself to eat this sorry cafeteria lady excuse for a burrito any longer. I mean, how can you possibly mess up a burrito that bad to bring back flashbacks of elementary school lunch? [Read more…]

Dos Toros Celebrates Brooklyn Opening In Dollar Menu Style

In other food related news, we received an email today titled “IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING BURRITOS,” so naturally, mouths watered and we were inclined to open it. Turns out, one of our favorite Mexican eateries is joining the Williamsburg family at 189 Bedford Ave. tomorrow:

As you may have already heard, Dos Toros Taqueria, the popular Mission-style burrito joint, will be opening in Williamsburg this Wednesday, April 3rd. Since this is an exciting opening for both the Dos Toros team and New Yorkers alike, the brothers behind the horns wanted to make it extra special. In honor of the eatery’s first location outside of Manhattan, the newly opened Dos Toros will celebrate dollar-menu style! Leo and Oliver Kremer, founders of Dos Toros, will be selling each food item for only $1. See below for deal information:

·         1 burrito = $1

·         1 quesadilla = $1

·         2 tacos = $1

·         Chips + Guac or Salsa = $1

·         Restrictions & Additional Details: Limit one item per person. Drinks normal price. Deal valid 4/3/13 from 12:00pm-10:00pm.

Spotted: Meatlicious Calexico Cart Under BQE on Metro

The Vendley Brothers, owners and operators of the award-winning Calexico Cart(s), are testing the cold, barren waters at Metropolitan Avenue under the BQE for a new location this week. I spotted them Monday night and asked what the hell they were doing in the neighborhood, myself having been a fan last year while working near their cart in SoHo, and was told they had been there for a few days, feeling out the demand at night, with the plan to stick around for a bit to feel out the neighborhood reception. You’ll find them there each week night, until 9 or so, and on the weekends a bit later. Go grab a carne asada burrito with the crack sauce, and help convince the Vendley’s to stay.