Douchey Vogue Reporter Ventures Off Duane Reade Island To Visit ‘Hiroshima’ (AKA Brooklyn)


Bedford and Bowery is rightfully annoyed by Jeffrey Steingarten’s bitchy Manhattan-centric article about Brooklyn’s food culture. Since you need the Vogue app to access the story “A Distant Shore” — I know — here are some ‘highlights’:

On Roberta’s: “[It’s] not easy to find, situated as it is in Brooklyn, which a real estate agent might refer to as a disfavored neighborhood. On my first visit, I walked past it two or three times. I’m not saying that the restaurant’s façade was designed to resemble the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, where bombed-out buildings have been left as a modern ruin, a grizzly antiwar reminder, a memento mori, but Roberta’s owners have done little to prettify the exterior of the old gray auto-repair garage that underlies it all.”

On leaving Duane Reade Island for Brooklyn: “[a] long, bumpy trip from Manhattan,” “[a] perilous voyage beyond Manhattan,” “[a] costly, time-consuming, often nauseating taxi ride to Brooklyn and back, or the even longer subway ride that often dumped us eight dark and unfamiliar blocks from supper”

On hipsters: “Hipsters are remote descendants of the Beats of the fifties and the hippies of the sixties. Today, many are simply slackers.”

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Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: June 28/29

Another week has gone by and the heat is unrelenting. Fortunately temperatures dip back down into the 80s for the rest of the week, however this comes with the cost of isolated rain storms. There’s still no reason to stay indoors as Brooklyn has a whole slew of nightlife events just waiting to be had. It certainly seems like a plethora of Detroit DJs have invaded our borough this weekend with talent like Monty Luke, Magda, Juan Atkins, Kyle Hall, Mike Huckaby and Luke Hess to name a few. PS 1 will also be opening their outside area for the kickoff of their Warm Up event series. Lastly, NYC favorites Sepalcure will be playing in a secret location attained only by RSVP.


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The Best Bars To Drink Outside In Greenpoint

tbd beer garden_edited


Last week we told you where to drink outside in Williamsburg. Now, we have your guide to places to drink outside in Greenpoint. It’s that time of year, so have one on us at T.B.D., No Name Bar, or any of the other fine drinking establishments in Greenpoint.

Check back next week for our guide to drinking outside in Bushwick.

Captured live: Isadora at Glasslands

The guys in Isadora invited team blaqbook over to check out their set at Glasslands a few weeks ago. So I grabbed some good then met my boy Layton(Courtesy Tier Drummer) at the venue. A bunch of cool bands were on the bill. I caught ANML and Isadora then made my way back to my apartment.

By the time Isadora’s set started the place was packed and they definitely delivered. The crowd was definitely focused during their set. Isadora takes you high, then low, then trips you out a bit, and then rock back out. Never really a dull momment. They keep you on your feet and they’re impossible to predict. Great set guys.


Captured live: ANML at Glasslands

The guys of NYC based band Isadora invited me to Glasslands to catch their set. Before there set this dude ANML was playing. He was pretty cool. He would loop a bunch of instruments then pick a primary one to play while singing. With Glasslands lighting and effects this video came out really cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Capture Live: The Suzan live at Europa during Brain Cave Festival

Some bands are good at making good music. Some bands are good live. What separates the great bands from the “eehhhhhhh” bands is the ability to make believers everywhere you go. A perfect example of this are The Suzan. I’ve seen them a few times now and they consistently blow my mind.
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Captured live: Quiet Loudly at Europa

Quiet Loudly live at Europa on 4/13/2013 during Brain Cave Festival. Shot by Justin Little.


EULA Captured live at Brain Cave Festival

I’ve been trying to catch a good clip of the three piece EULA for quite some time now. The thing with metal/punk bands is the best shows are the small, low lit, sweaty, chaotic places. You know the types: basements, tucked away bars, DIY venues, etc. I’ve seen them 3 times prior to this show and all three times I’ve left ranting and raving about them.
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