peelander-z as amazing as you would think

BrooklynVegan just posted a video of Japanese band, Peelander-Z, during their stay in Brooklyn over CMJ. Peelander-Z are pretty much exactly what you would expect from a band that has the “word” Peelander in their name – Amazing. They had me at, “My name is Peelander Yellow. I love your mum. I love your father. I love your grandmum.” BV explains, “The video was filmed on North 6th Street in Brooklyn not long after they played an insane set at the free BrooklynVegan party inside Public Assembly.”

“Williamsburg Street Fashion”

Opportunities to make fun of hipsters never cease, but this video may be overkill. Posing as representatives from Brooklyn Vegan (the site denied their involvement in the making of the video), a group called Million Dollar Extreme took to the streets of Williamsburg to check out the local fashion.

The crew interviewed numerous guys with ray-bans (hipster stereotype #1) and ironic facial hair (hipster stereotype #2) and girls who listen to Holy Ghost and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (hipster stereotype #you get it), really running their point into the ground.

We get it, Williamsburg has hipsters.

Though apparently this is news to the interviewer, who describes the area as a, “funky, underground neighborhood.” Not to sound pretentious, but really, where have you been?