40 unconventional “love” songs for past, present, + future bae


Love songs don’t have to be mushy and chock-full of cliches. They can be dirty, weird, morbid, depressing, hyper-sexual, or just plain straightforward. The sentiment can come from both the heart AND the pants. It doesn’t matter how you say I love you, or I want you, or I want to die if you die—there are a lot of ways to tell bae you care. [Read more…]

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe says he was bullied by Apple for opting out of Apple Music


Sure, Newcombe’s a little bit, um, opinionated, but that shouldn’t discount the repulsiveness of Apple’s bullying. Especially since Brian Jonestown Massacre has a history of generosity — remember they posted their entire catalog online to be downloaded for free. This is pretty despicable:

Recently, we learned of Apple’s decision to not pay royalties to artists during their 3 month free trial of the new streaming service Apple Music. Now Anton Newcombe, frontman of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, recently shared some distressing details about his experience resisting that policy. [Read more…]