Breaking Bad coffeeshop is coming to Bushwick in June


Sorry Williamsburg. The owners of Walter’s Coffee Roastery are NOW slotted to open in Bushwick this June.

Owner Deniz Kosan, who operates a location of Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, [Read more…]

A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop is coming to Williamsburg

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop from Istanbul called Walter’s Coffee Roastery, is planning to open a Williamsburg location at [Read more…]

Where to watch the Breaking Bad premiere this weekend

Don’t have cable? You can watch Walt and Jesse in any of these fine drinking establishments in Williamsburg, Greenpoint or Bushwick. [via]

Videology (308 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg), the DVD shop that reinvented itself as a theater/screening room last year, is showing all the episodes for free as part of its regular Sunday night TV party events. The shop features a bar up front, where you can also buy some popcorn and take it to the separate viewing room in the back.

The Exley: Breaking Bad Premiere Party 7pm, FREE BBQ, $8 Blue Cocktails, try the Saul Goodman Old Fashioned, Music before and after by O Paradiso, Lead up to showtime involves a round-robin cornhole tournament, RSVP. [Read more…]

Breaking Bad Exhibit Coming to Museum of the Moving Image


Sadly, the Evening with Vince Gilligan event is sold out, but you can still see the exhibit from July 26 – October 27:

The highly acclaimed dramatic series Breaking Bad ends this summer after five seasons on AMC. At the heart of the series is a truly remarkable performance by Bryan Cranston, who won three consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Actor for his portrayal of Walter White. A mild-mannered chemistry teacher, White learns that he has inoperable lung cancer, and begins producing the drug methamphetamine (“crystal meth”) to insure his family’s financial future. He becomes increasingly amoral and ruthless in his new persona, Heisenberg. Cranston’s startling transformation is explored in this exhibit, with costumes, props, selected scenes from the series, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Breaking Bad Intro – Illustrated