"Vuvuzelas for BP" Sending 1,000 Vuvuzelas to BP's Headquarters in London: An Interview With the Project Creator

Adam Quirk is a Park Slope-based video producer behind “Vuvuzelas for BP,” a Kickstarter project that’s been getting some traction lately for its aim to buy a shitload of vuvuzelas, pass them out around BP headquarters in London, and have people blow on them all day, every day, until BP fixes the gushing oil spill in the Gulf. Quite frankly, it’s genius. His goal of raising $2,000 is nearly 75% complete, and with 7 days to go on the Kickstarter timeline, it’s looking quite likely that this will happen.

We reached out to Adam to get the story and ask a few questions after seeing a link to the project blow up on Reddit. Adam told us, “I’m very happy that people have gotten behind this. I think the response has been so positive mainly because it’s seemingly a fun mixture of memes, and the end result is a net positive in that BP gets real-world pressure, and the Gulf Fund gets real money.”

FREEwilliamsburg: What gave you the idea?

Adam Quirk: It was inspired by the incredible annoyance of millions of people by the vuvuzela drone on all the World Cup broadcasts, and the seemingly cold indifference postured by Tony Hayward in his Congressional hearings. I am a video remix artist, so it’s sort of my job to combine memes and current events to make new things.

FW: How has the internet community’s (namely: reddit) attention, feedback, and/or support affected your plans & expectations?

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The Oil Spill Just Killed a Fucking Whale.

Photo c/o Brooklyn Street Art

As if a daily stream of 60,000 barrels of oil into the ocean, heartbreaking photos of suffering animals,  the northern migration of man-eating sharks , or you know, the complete decimation of the Gulf Coast wasn’t enough, now there’s this.

Accrding to Gawker, the oil spill has killed a fucking whale.

Scientists are still studying the carcass to determine the exact cause of death, but a fucking whale guys. Guess all those brown splatter paint bombs you’ve been lobbing at BP affiliate gas stations haven’t been doing the trick…

PS – Boing Boing has a list of ways you can actually help

PPS – NOT THAT WE’D ENDORSE ANYTHING ILLEGAL but if anyone DOES feel like getting a little more, um, creative with their protests, these stickers have been popping up all over the hood, and the blog Brooklyn Street Art is holding an awesome logo contest (where the above image is from) to help “rebrand” BP.