Top 5 Shows of the Weekend

Thou performs at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C.

Happy new year! We made it to 2017! Hopefully everyone had a good break (if indeed you were lucky enough to have one), sincere best wishes to everyone for the coming year, I’ve a feeling we’re going to need all the help we can get. Thankfully, in terms of live shows, 2017 is kicking off in style.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


We return to our regular schedule after last weekend’s Northside Festival. Happy weekend everybody! It’s a truly wonderful day… and that’s probably only because England just beat Wales in the European Championships… as a result, this entry will be brief, but it’s all about the quality of the acts anyway!

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


Love is in the air, or not, this weekend; I’ll be able to help with the latter. Hopefully it’s a long one for all, however, with President’s Day on Monday. Forget about the potential -18 degrees Celsius temperatures (come on people, let’s stop using Fahrenheit, it’s so unbecoming and idiotic), wrap up warm and get out of the yawning chasm of nihilism that has been 2016 so far, we’re better than this.

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2015 Northside Music Review

ex hex

The seventh Northside festival wrapped up on the 14th of June, with over 100,000 people spending time indulging either music, innovation, film, or a combination of the three. Free Williamsburg staff spent time at various shows from metal to pop acts, among thousands or sometimes only a dozen likeminded souls. The best sets and the ones that got away all feature below.

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Blonde Redhead and a Room Full of Smoke

Last night at 92YTribeca, Blonde Redhead had a listening party for their new album, Penny Sparkle, set to release on September 14th. The room was filled to a suffocating level with smoke, tinted with hints of strawberry flavor, and bright white light– making it hard for just about anyone to orient themselves in the first few minutes of entering the room.

As the new songs played on the speakers below the murmur of voices, special $9 Blonde Redhead cocktails were served– raspberry vodka with prosecco and a touch of grenadine. And although the room too smokey, and the drinks too expensive and sweet, once the band took the stage to play a short set of Penny Sparkle songs, the air in the room shifted.

The album is the usual Blonde Redhead blend of sultry vocals over moody synths and bass, and yet somehow we can’t help but be excited for the release. It’s nothing especially new or exciting for the band, but you just can’t ever get enough of a good thing– take it from someone who can’t stop listening to the entire Smiths discography this week.

Download the single, “Here Sometimes”, and check out a video sent to us by one of our contest winners here.

More photos by Yoon Kim after the jump…

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Ticket Giveaway: Blonde Redhead Previews Penny Sparkle

This Tuesday, August 10th, 92YTribeca will be playing host to an intimate invite-only preview of Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle— the band’s fourth full-length release due out on 4AD on September 14th. Not only will the album be played in full, but Blonde Redhead will be there to perform an intimate set of the new songs at their first live show in NYC for over a year, and you can be there!

We’ve got two pairs of tickets to giveaway to the luckiest commenters below.

And if you want to up your chances, there are about a million ways to try and win. Not only are you fighting to see Blonde Redhead, but there will be free drinks, so, get to work!

We’ll pick two winners at random from the comments below, just be sure to use your real email address so we can let you know if you’re the luckiest of all.

UPDATE: WE’VE GOT WINNERS. SORRY OTHER 100 PEOPLE!! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! No really, we’re posting another contest right.. about.. NOW!