Captured live: Beach Day @ Public Assembly

Beach Day is another band I caught over at Public Assembly during CMJ. More girl power, yes! I’ve actually tracked down the route of all this loveliness. One of the members of Leda messaged me and said “The show featured so many bands with rad women in them because it was co-presented by Permanent Wave, a feminist arts group that puts on female-fronted shows in NYC (and a few other cities as well).” Well someone is going to have to track this group down and tell them how much they love what they’re doing. And by someone I mean me of course. Have a look at the trio doing their thing. Enjoy!

PS: I love shoes too!(well sneakers) “Oh my gaaaaaah” we have so much in common!


Captured live: Leda @ Public Assembly

During my CMJ run I caught Leda’s set over at Public Assembly. They’re a very lovely bunch. One thing I noticed about Greenpointers entire showcase was the fact that every band had pretty rad girls/women in them. I go to about 4 shows a week and I believe this is the first time this has happened. Correct me if I’m wrong. The Suzan, Leda, Backwords, and Beach Day all had woman rocking my world. I love you 20 hundreds! OK enough babbling, get in tuned while Leda melts your heart. Enjoy!

PS: I thought that bassist was all sorts of radical so I waved to her on stage and she waved back. Eat your hearts out lads!


Loveskills live @ Union Pool

First time every seeing or hearing about Loveskills. They’re like electronic/dubstep. The drummer is a beast and the singer/guy on the keys is just unbelievable. Don’t take my word for it look for yourself. Enjoy!


Captured live: The Trouble Notes on Bedford Ave

I caught these guys on Bedford ave after interviewing Voli. I heard The Trouble Notes from about two blocks away and knew a certain woman I know would love their sound so I grabbed a quick clip. Enjoy!


Captured live: Seasick Mama @ Union Pool

I caught Seasick Mama’s set at Union Pool on 10/18/2012 during the CMJ showcase. What a great front woman! I was definitely entertained. She sings really good, her band is on point, and I’m sure being really hot doesn’t hurt either. Next time she comes to NYC you should definitely try to catch her set you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!


World Premiere: Voli – All The Same


Voli Interview

So recently I came across this artist that goes by the name of Voli. Some of you may have caught wind of him from his work with artists such as Goyte and J.Cole in the past. But today I have the pleasure of introducing him and world premiering his new video “All The Same” off of his new album The Wall dropping in early 2012. Enjoy! Come check out the world premiere at noon sharp!


Captured live: Backwords interview/live @ Public Assembly

Late night during music festivals everyone starts getting a little sauced/intoxicated. This is where the fun begins. When you add music to the mix and a bunch of pretty hipsters you got yourself a great recipe for a classic Brooklyn night! In this clip I interview Tim Pioppo of Backwords at Public Assembly. Then go into some live footage from their set. Catch them tonight at Legions. Enjoy!