Pre-Game Pop Up Shop This Weekend

This Saturday & Sunday 1/26-27, 1-8pm

Come join in on the fun. This weekend kicking off tomorrow at 1pm swing by and shop, get your hair cut, or just to listen to some dope music.

Hosted by ScooP da Realest

Products by:
Greater Goods & Co., Leroy Jenkins Ltd., Her Threads, CooperLane, Vintage, We Print Brooklyn

With DJ’s:
Drewbyrd, Deemehlow, DJ Reason, Gully Duckets, Jerk Chicken, DJ Mackee

..also Celebrating the Born Day of Trill Bellamy!

ALE Studios
750 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY

For more information go to the official event facebook page here.

Weekend Warriors Dance Party at Bar Matchless Tonight!

Tonight, myself and a few buddies will be hosting a dance party at Bar Matchless. It starts tonight at midnight sharp. Myself(DJ Jerk Chicken), Laytonic, and Dr.Fiskars will be bringing the soul, funk, disco and rock n roll. It’s no secret that they partied harder than us in the 60s 70s and 80s. Since we can’t beat them we’ve decided to join them. Let us take you back, warriors style. “Come out to Play!”

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-5333

For more information go to the event on facebook.


Captured live: Leon Hash @ Bar Matchless

The last person to play our “Survival of the Fittest” showcase back in November at Bar Matchless was Leon Hash! “Woooooooooooo!” A little Southern Hospitality for “y’all”. Enjoy!


Captured live: Jessi Robertson @ Bar Matchless

Jessi Robertson came out and played blaqbook’s “Survival of the Fittest” showcase over at Bar Matchless on November 15th, 2012. Check it. Enjoy!

Also congrats on being tied for fourth on The Deli’s Songwriters/Rootsy Pop category.


Captured live: Triple Double

For additional clips:

Captured Live: Voli @ Spike Hill

I took a little break last month. Now that I’m back at this thing again it’s time to get all my showcase footage up. Finally the last person on the Spike Hill “It’s A Rap” showcase was Voli. As anticipated he did his thing. Listen carefully to everything. The vocals, the band in the background, etc. This is some deep stuff. I enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!


Bumblebeez – Next To You

One of my friends heard this track while watching a Lacoste commercial and thought it’d be something you readers would be into. Produced By Bumblebeez. The track includes Maria , Bjorn , Oscar and Chris. Recorded in Copenhagen at Freezone Studios and Vox recorded in Lisbon’s bedroom. Enjoy!


Captured live: Triple Double @ Spike Hill

We invited Triple Double out to perform at our “It’s a Rap” showcase at Spike Hill last month(11/14/2012). You already know what the deal is. If you don’t you’re about to find out. The lovely young lady serenading us is Ms. Anne and of course Icerocks on the ones and two’s. Enjoy!

2 more video’s available here on