The Hipster vs Hasid bike wars have finally been made into a play


The gaping Williamsburg bike situation-sized hole in the theater world is finally being filled. A play about the Hipster vs Hasid bike wars is coming to NYC next [Read more…]

Video: Williamsburg cyclist harrassed by group of Hasids


Williamsburg cyclist Rafael Huerta named the video he uploaded from his GoPro camera ‘Not a pleasant ride home’ for a reason. From [Read more…]

Counting Down to Another Wet Hot Williamsburg Summer

photo c/o Mike Thompson

Enjoying the warm weather this week? Well friends, don’t be fooled by global warming- it’s not summer quite yet. Here, in no particular order, are 10 summertime activities to mark in your calendar and start getting pumped for:

10. Kickball– Hardcore kickball fanatics already know that May 6th is opening day, but here’s a head’s up for all of you newbies out there. Sign up now if you’re interested in joining a team and prepare for a summer full of glory, camaraderie, and frequent Turkey’s Nest runs.

9. Brooklyn Flea– The eclectic shopping mecca will grace the East River Waterfront with its presence once again when it reopens on Sunday, April 8. That weekend also marks the return of Smorgasburg on Saturdays at the waterfront, which promises to be as mouthwatering as ever with favorite vendors including Porchetta and People’s Pops making a comeback.

8. Baseball- The Mets kick off their season on April 5th, which means those sweaty summer baseball games are just around the corner. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be dodging stray baseballs in McCarren park.

7. Waterfront Concert Series– The new location is confirmed, and the season kickoff is June 1st. Now all we need is a band line up! [Read more…]

Bikes, Beer and Brooklyn

image c/o Levy's Unique New York

On the Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz scheduled for August 27, Matt Levy will take you on a 4-hr bike tour through the former brewery glory of Williamsburg, East Williamsburg and Bushwick. Your education also includes ridin’ by German churches, banks and social halls. The tour ends at Evergreen Cemetery, where allegedly a surprise awaits. Don’t know what that means considering that you’re at a graveyard (creepy), but…let’s hope it involves alcohol.

For a brief preview into the tour and Matt Levy’s excitement, check out Edible Manhattan’s NY1 coverage.

The Bike Brooklyn Beer Blitz!
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Meet at The City Reliquary Museum: 370 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
$30, includes a mid-tour beer at Matt Torrey’s Bar
RSVP with [email protected]

Also…watch Drunk History:

Winning the Cycle War

image c/o City Room

Now that the weather is a sexy summer boil, it’s time to hop on those pretty little bikes for some outdoor adventuring. However, NYPD is notoriously and disproportionately cracking down on cyclists. And their main objective: quantity over quality.

Streetsblog procured the police cheatsheet[.pdf] instructing law enforcement as to “illegal” biking conduct. Unfortunately, the list is not entirely legally accurate. In combo with some guidelines taken from Transportation Alternatives, the following is a brief guide on how to avoid (and fight) the impending doom that is NYPD’s current cycle wrath:

The police can ticket you for…

* Failure to yield to pedestrians at an intersection with signal
* Failure to signal turn
* Failure to stop for red light
* Riding the wrong way on a one-way street
* Riding on a sidewalk
* Riding in any park except in places designated for bike riding
* Improper riding of bicycle
* Too many riders on a bicycle
* Clinging to a vehicle
* Attaching self to vehicle
* No or inadequate lights
* No bell or signal device
* No or inadequate brakes
* No or improper reflectorization
* Carrying articles on bicycles – [carry that tote bag like a normal person!]

In New York City, the police CANNOT ticket you for…

[Read more…]

Project Aura: Bicycle Safety Lighting System

Project Aura: Bicycle Safety Lighting System from Project AURA on Vimeo.

Imagine how lit up the W-burg bridge would look at night if bikers were rocking this. And with 18 bicyclists killed last year, any extra help that would likely be used (unlike, say, a helmet) is great. Where is the kickstarter? I want in.