Suspected Williamsburg bike thief cries when building resident calls police

bikeA man who appeared to be stealing bikes in Williamsburg this weekend had an unexpected reaction when caught in a South 3rd street and Bedford building’s storage room by a resident. From [Read more…]

“Women on bikes with Woody Allen glasses with fat asses” – Killer Mike recommends moving to Williamsburg

killermikeNoisey had Killer Mike and El-P hilariously respond to YouTube comments on their Run the Jewels track 36 Inch Chain. The first commenter expressed his displeasure at being called a hipster, to which Killer Mike let him know there is a place called Williamsburg where he [Read more…]

It’s probably not a good idea to let someone ‘test out’ your bike in McCarren Park


A bike was stolen in McCarren Park a few Sundays ago after the thief simply asked to ride it. From Brooklyn Paper:

The victim told police that he was riding his bicycle in the park at 3 pm when the ne’er-do-well asked if he could test it out. At first the victim refused, but when the guy asked again, he let him get on it. Then the guy rode off.

Can I test out your bike? No. Can I test out your bike? Yes. Goodbye.


More bike parking coming to Williamsburg

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Brooklyn Community Board 1 approved a Department of Transportation plan (still awaiting a final vote on April 9th) to turn 6 car parking spots into 45 bike parking spots. From Brooklyn Spectator:

The bicycle corrals are slated for a stretch of Grand Street near Driggs Avenue (outside Williamsburg Cinemas), Broadway near Berry Avenue (near Marlow and Sons), and Frost Street at Meeker Avenue


NYC’s 2012 Bike Map

Get it while it’s hot!

Sadly, as Street’s Blog noted:

After building around 50 lane-miles a year since 2007, DOT only built 8.7 lane miles last year, thanks in large part to the sustained political and media attack on bike infrastructure that peaked that year.

NYC’s Shared Bikes Won’t Reach All Of Greenpoint

This summer, New York City is rolling out a shared bicycle program, joining the ranks of cities like Washington D.C. and Paris. There will be ten thousand bikes for rent at six hundred hubs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. A draft of the station locations, however, shows that Greenpoint is notably lacking.

According to local news site DNAinfo, a Department of Transportation draft has no stations east of McGuiness Boulevard. This is odd considering the neighborhood is known for its lack of Manhattan-bound stations and bikes could be an effective way to get people across the Williamsburg bridge, or at least to the L train in Williamsburg. (The neighborhood’s only two stations, the Greenpoint Ave. and Nassau Ave. G trains only go to Queens and south Brooklyn.)

The only map draft I found is from October, which indeed shows the proposed boundary at McGuiness.

Cop Allegedly Threatens to Ticket Woman for Wearing a Skirt While Riding a Bike

c/o Jewish Women's Archive

We know what you’re thinking; more bike news? But lately it seems like cyclists just can’t catch a break.

Jasmijn Rijcken, general manager of VANMOOF Bicycle Company, recently told Streetsblog that when visiting from Amsterdam in April, a cop in Soho threatened to ticket her for riding a bike in a skirt (which is totally NOT illegal by the way).

“I was standing next to my bike … and then this police guy stops and starts telling me about my skirt,” Rijcken said.

“At first I thought he was making a joke or maybe even a compliment, but then I found out he was serious because he got really mad.”

The police officer allegedly told Rijcken that her skirt could distract drivers and cause car accidents.

“That was the bottom line, that I was very dangerous,” she said.

And aren’t there enough dangers on the road without the disastrous prospect of legs? So ladies, for everyone’s safety please, the next time you mount your bike, make sure to put on a pair of tightly fastened bloomers first.

Oops, I Fell Over! Oh, I Did It Again!

Riding in a bike lane can be like finding your way through an obstacle course. So when East Village filmmaker Casey Neistat got a $50 ticket for “riding outside of a bike lane,” he made a video in protest.
Performing all his own stunts, he tried to navigate bike lanes in Manhattan, purposely crashing into everything that obstructed his path, from parked taxi cabs to safety cones. Yet, as entertaining as it is to watch him go flying, Neistat gets his point across. “Ticket the people blocking lanes, not bikes,” he says in his video, adding, “and give me my $50 back.”

Though Neistat may be out some cash, his video has gotten over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Watch his protest antics below.
Casey Neistat: Fined For Not Riding In Bike Lane

–Laurie Kamens