8th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day

Image via City Reliquary

As with every Memorial Day Weekend there is a crazy amount of things to do this weekend.  I am hoping to make it to this year’s annual Bicycle Fetish Day taking place at one of my favorite places in all of Brooklyn, the City Reliquary.  The festivities are FREE and feature lots of activities, performance, and contests that you can enter including “Best Ugly Bike” and “Best Mutant Bike.”  Lots of great prizes available to the winners as well as an after party.  Click here for more details on the festivitiesClick here for Gothamist’s pictures and story from last year’s event.

Don’t ever let them tell you that Unicorns don’t exist.

The Vehicle of Dreams. Photo by Oriana Leckert.

Because the one above was just chilling out on Marcy and Hope last night.

Can someone let the owner of this vehicle know that I would like to marry them please? Thanks.

Photo by Oriana Leckert of Brooklyn Spaces.

PHOTO: NYPD Clown Patrol Helpfully Blocks W'Burg Bridge Bike Path

Jesse S., who took this photo, tells me officers were handing out pamphlets on bike safety and “ticketing everybody for everything.” My favorite part, as you can see above in Exhibit A, is the helpful construction sign asking, “What’s going on here?” on behalf of us humans. Somebody, answer this bridge’s sign.

Transportation Alternatives Barraging Lawmaker with "E-Faxes" to Stop Anti-Bicycling Proposal

Are you trembling, Councilmember Eric Ulrich? Transportation Alternatives has asked its supporters to send you angry faxes, a result of your “draconian” bike bill wherein we have to wear license plates like scarlet letters on our bicycles. It’s kind of an asshole proposal on your end, bicyclists say, and for that, you’re about to get yo’ ass faxed.

From their email:

As reported by the NY Post, Councilmember Eric Ulrich wants to introduce a draconian anti-bicycling bill that would require all New Yorkers to register their bicycles. Councilmember Ulrich has made bicyclists a scapegoat. His proposal will stop people from riding bicycles and make bicycling less safe. We need your help to stop his plans.

They ask you send an e-fax–which I assume is like making someone’s fax machine print out your email–telling the Councilmember “I strongly oppose your bicycle registration proposal and urge you to withdraw it without delay.” What’s your bike stand?

Owner of 'Greenpoint Bikes' Detained in Immigration Facility, Lacking Toilet Paper, Food, Humanity

Earlier this fall, Pablo Airaldi, a 28-year-old bike messenger, opened a bicycle repair shop on Manhattan Avenue and called it Greenpoint Bikes.

Today, he is sitting in a shitty Hudson County, New Jersey immigration detention facility where he’s struggling to hang on to humanity. His crime? A 10-year-old aggravated felony conviction for stealing auto parts in Indiana when he was 18.

Here’s how the legal permanent resident describes the facility in a letter sent to friends, and obtained by The Brooklyn Paper:

“Try to ask for toilet paper and you are laughed at. We go months without feeling the sun, are forced to hand wash our underwear every night because we are only given one pair, go hungry if no one sends us money because the food is not enough and there is a 13-hour span from dinner to breakfast. Men begin to lose their sanity and then you can actually see them slip away, their light getting dimmer and dimmer with each indignity.”

He’s held while the government conducts its deportation hearings, and if all goes to plan, he’ll be shipped back to South America — a home he left at the tender age of 7.

If you’re curious about life in these terrifying whirlpools of ambiguity, read “Locked Up But Not Forgotten,” a document compiled by NYU’s Immigrant Rights Clinic, the American Friends Service Committee, and New Jersey Advocates for Immigrant Detainees. Also, if you’re friends with Pablo, give these organizations a call.

Below find a video he posted on Vimeo two years ago for a bike messenger racing team. It’s depressing to realize how quickly one can go from biking around the city like a maniac to begging for toilet paper in some shithole in New Jersey, watching your cellmates’ lights drip out of their lonely eyes.

Six Racing Promo — Playing in Traffic production from Pablo Airaldi on Vimeo.

UPDATE 11/30 12:36pm: Supporters can send donations to [email protected] using Paypal.

The Bike Crusader Offers Clues To Identity

Here’s a fun question. Who has lived here for 10 years, sent letters to Marty Markowitz about bikes on Bedford Avenue, called the police, and “put forward an idea for bike depots, which would be built in McCarren Park and along Kent Avenue and charge cyclists a $1 fee to park there”?

C’mon, somebody go scour some public records or something.

Also, we now know why the Brooklyn Paper is protecting their bike-gluing source: “because our reporters have not actually witnessed him committing a crime.” Total crock of shit.

Who should be our next make-believe villainous superhero?! Help name him in the comments! Maybe the Paper will publish your story next week.

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