Watch Sufjan’s dance rehearsal

Lady Gaga. Justin Biber. Black Swan. Sufjan Stevens.

Vulture stopped by Sufjan Stevens’ dance studio to chat with him about his upcoming Prospect Park shows, dancing and being influenced by huge stage shows. (Think: What Would Beyoncé Do?)  The theatrical implements in his shows in the past have always been impressive and super fun, but after watching this video, I am so excited to see this show next week.

People love Beyonce covers

Remember that point in time when every pop-punk band would cover top 40 hits and speed them up three times as fast? (I remember The Vandals covering “My Heart Will Go On.”) Or being impressed when nerdy indie bands learned all the words to rap songs? (Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz in da Hood.”) Out of genre covers are a gift from the pop music gods to the indie rock fans.

Apparently we are all still really into this. But the new hotness is Beyonce covers (obviously). The first one that blew me away was Antony Hegarty’s cover of “Crazy in Love” as the B-side to “Aeon.” Today, we get ceo’s cover of “Halo.” It just makes sense. These covers are all artsy and so weirdly serious and great. Basically, they’re great. Listen to it below.