2015 Northside Music Review

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The seventh Northside festival wrapped up on the 14th of June, with over 100,000 people spending time indulging either music, innovation, film, or a combination of the three. Free Williamsburg staff spent time at various shows from metal to pop acts, among thousands or sometimes only a dozen likeminded souls. The best sets and the ones that got away all feature below.

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Live concert series returning to Williamsburg waterfront this year


Sleigh Bells to perform with Run the Jewels on June 14

We knew that there would be a few shows as part of the Northside Festival, but this is great news. Neko Case kicks off the series in June, which will be called Brooklyn Live at the Inlet:

Indie, deep house, hip-hop and everything in between will be taking over 50 Kent Avenue, starting with Northside Festival’s headlining shows June 12-14 with Neko Case, Built to Spill, Best Coast, Run the Jewels, Sleigh Bells and more. [Read more…]

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Best Coast

This week is pretty refreshing.  It feels like the old days.  After taking a couple of months off of playing pretty much every day, at every venue known to man, DIIV are back, Pitchfork “Best New Music” sheen and all.

They’re part of our MOST BLOGGED ABOUT show this week, opening for buzz queen Bethany Cosentino’s Ali Koehler-less Best Coast (speaking of the old days) at Terminal 5, also with Those Darlins.  That one is next Tuesday, and there’s still tickets left for this all ages show at the cavernous waterfront midtown venue.  It seems that Best Coast’s buzz may have died a bit after The Only Place’s mixed reviews, but the Cosentino led act still manages to top our list, possibly in part to her recent spread with Wavves in SPIN (in which she looks absolutely amazing, by the way.)

Anyway, back to DIIV, who hold the rare distinction of being a part of both our MOST BLOGGED ABOUT show and my EDITOR’S PICK; as they’re the opener for the VERY recently announced Cloud Nothings show at 285 Kent tomorrow.  That’s two of my top ten albums for the year in one bill, at one of my favorite venues.  Tickets are going fast (if they’re still there when this is posted) so jump on this one.

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Best Coast: “The Only Place”

Watch Bethany from Best Coast Talk About, Play a Show for, Planned Parenthood

Did you hear? Everyone’s favorite cat-lady band, Best Coast, jumped on the Planned Parenthood train this week, putting out a video about why the group is so important and announcing they’ll play a benefit show with  country-punk group Those Darlins this summer.

As if you needed a reason aside from the fact that this is the only not-sold out (well not yet) show the band is playing in NYC this summer, tickets to the show are a direct donation to the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, which does important things like make sure we don’t have politicians in office that hate your lady parts.

Holiday weed jam from Best Coast and Wavves

Now that Halloween is in the past, it is inevitable that the Christmas creep will begin. So Target is apparently jumping on the make-an-indie-holiday-comp game. Best Coast and Wavves teamed up for a song. “Got Something For You” is poppy and sun-tinged and saccharine with sleigh bells being the defining characteristic making it a Christmas song. Listen to this and the rest of the contributions to the compilation at the Target site, and hopefully catch them playing it live on their upcoming tours. Just don’t try to smoke the mistletoe this winter.

Best Coast played Bowery Ballroom

Last night, Best Coast proved their lo-fi, doo-wop, surf rock can make it through the summer and into the rainy, grey weather of fall with a sold out show at The Bowery Ballroom.

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Breaking News: Best Coast likes the beach

The thing that I like about Best Coast is how much it feels like you’re reading a teenage girl’s Live Journal from 1998. But now that CNN is reporting on this, it’s sort of like your parents reading your Live Journal. Which is kind of creepy, but also it’s not like they’re hearing anything that they don’t know already. Boys! Beaches! Rap music!