Friday: Cruel Summer 80s Dance Party at Bell House


This sounds like a great way to kick off the weekend. Tickets are $10.

On Friday night, embrace your inner valley girl (or guy) and dance the night away to hits from the decade of excess at The Skint’s Cruel Summer 80s Dance Party at The Bell House. [Read more…]

Codeine played Bell House

New York City slow-core legends Codeine graced the Bell House in Brooklyn last night with a rare reunion show. The hour long set included a collaboration with Stephen Brodsky for the song “Cave-in”. Video of which is below.

Secret Science Screening: "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives"

Growing up, playing in rock bands, we never really wanted to admit that our dads were cool. Probably because of so many t-shirts tucked into jeans, so many too-revealing conversations with waitresses at restaurants, and so much pushing you to play sports on the weekends. Our dads, it is safe to say, were not like Hugh Everett, the father of Eels songwriter Mike Everett.

Mike Everett (or simply just E) did not know his dad was a genius. A for real genius! He died when E was 18, and later Hugh’s theories about parallel universes became a hit in the happening world of quantum physics. The BBC documentary Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives follows E as he tries to basically understand what his old man was talking about. Hopefully he will clue us in on what parallel worlds are all about, so we can both stop being freaked out by the concept, and hold conversations with our friends who took smarter classes than us in college.

The film is being shown Tuesday night as part of the Secret Science Club at the Bell House. The group isn’t that secret anymore, as every month the events are packed to the gills and standing room only. But although the cat’s out of the bag, a good time is still ensured. When else do you get to feel so smart while drinking with your friends? Check out the trailer below.