Okay, okay, okay. We know that it’s hot and that sweating out half of your body weight kind of puts a damper on your chances of taking that fine chica (who is probably stuffing ice cubes in her underwear every time she runs to the bathroom) home. We get it.

That’s why we pulled some strings with the Weather Gods to make this Saturday’s PENT UP! a whole FIFTEEN DEGREES COOLER than last week’s. Don’t say we never did anything for you…

Riding high on the wave of last weekend’s launch, PENT UP! is back with electro-disco-rockers Beg To Differ spinning alongside resident DJs Stretch Armstrong, Dominique Keegan, and The DKDS.

As always, there will be cheap drinks, a killer view, and fun times from 5 to 4 (PM to AM, that is…).

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