Captured live: Junior Prom @ Cameo Gallery

The dudes from Lazer Cake invited me out to their show on 10/25/2012 at Cameo Gallery. They were the last band to play so I got to catch two bands before them. One of which was this band Junior Prom who absolutely killed it. The last time I saw a two piece this dope was back when The Courtesy Tier was just Omer and Layton. Enough words, time for some music! Watch these dudes do the damn thing. The singer kept yelling out “Wooaaaah!” on some Rick Flair shit. From that little piece of information alone you should be super excited. Great set! You dudes have some serious stage presence. 2 dudes felt/sounded like 5. That drummer is banana’s and I’m sure I saw a could of women tear up from the vocals. Enjoy!

PS: You should call one of your songs “The Nature Boy”…just saying “woaaaaaah”.


Capture live: Double King @ Cameo Gallery

“Oh hey yall!” It’s been a little while. Since before Hurricane Sandy panties I believe. Lets get right to it. I caught up with the dudes from Double King over at Cameo Gallery on 10/23/2012. The former bassist/singer of The Powder Kegs is now the Guitarist/front man in Double King. Brooklyn is a waterfall of talent with fresh fish hopping into the mix daily. Bands like this set the margin high! If you’re in a mediocre band don’t even waste your time bringing that shit to Brooklyn. You better come with it if you want to stand a chance. I look forward to Double King’s future. Double King isn’t trying to be denied, they let it all out on stage. I loved their set, and don’t even get me started on how rad the last song was. Holy Shit! Enjoy! Let me know what you think.


Band Alert- Conveyor

Paper Garden Records

Earlier this month, there was a post on Snowmine’s first headlining show and Conveyor was briefly mentioned as one of the opening bands. After experiencing their lively act at Glasslands Gallery, I am compelled to properly introduce these men to you guys. Conveyor is a four men representation of sensational rock music with an experimental and at times, orchestral edge. Last year, they released an EP titled Sun Ray and this year, they have a new single called “Mukraker”. This track is a warm breeze with a bright radiance of the xylophone. Watch the music video of “Mukraker” below and get cozy with their versatile kitchen/loft/recording space.

You know what is so great about these local New York bands? They play local New York shows. This Saturday, Conveyor will be performing with Bryan Scary (another client of the lovable Paper Garden Records) at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.  Get your tickets here! It’s an early show with doors opening at 7:30 so why not? Last time, a man in a rainbow jumpsuit came on stage during the set with a beautiful trumpet. Maybe this will happen again!

Saturday: Beige and Regal Degal At Cameo

We’ve blogged about them before, but we’re big fans of Beige over here at FREEwilliamsburg. Catch them tonight at Cameo with Regal Degal. Beige just released a few new tracks over at Bandcamp, so grab them while their hot.

Band to Watch: Beige

Beige - Brooklyn Band


There are lots of great reasons to go to Coco66 tonight, ahem, John Waters will be there. But after you check him out, be sure to stick around for Beige. This up-and-coming band’s reverb-drenched drone (which is much more colorful than their name lets on) has been in heavy rotation over here at the FREEwilliamsburg offices.

Beige has been playing regularly at Cameo and Glasslands and is definitely a band you will be hearing more about in days to come.

Tonight they are playing with Violens. (Doors are 10pm, with Beige performing at 11 and Violens at midnight.)

MP3: “In Kind”