Baby’s All Right: New bar, restaurant and music venue now open in Williamsburg


Baby’s All Right (c/o: Patrick Hogan)

Baby’s All Right
146 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn

They not-so-quietly opened last week, hosting a Brooklyn Vegan showcase:

The new space is called Baby’s All Right, and it’s across the street from the new Motorino, OTB, and the old Dressler, and is being opened by Zachary Mexico and Billy Jones, the team that also owns Arrow Bar in the East Village. Baby’s All Right is a combination restaurant, bar and music venue. The owners had been hoping to open its doors earlier this week to host a few CMJ shows, but they had to be moved at the last minute because they weren’t quite ready for prime time.

Brooklyn Vegan will be host its own CMJ showcase at Baby’s All Right this afternoon, and then there will be a weekend of kick-off events and then close for a few more days before a proper opening.

Hopefully, they’ll fill the void left when Zebulon closed:

The space is ready for private events and live shows, with a wall that separates the front lounge from the back concert space (where a reproduction of the maze from The Shining is painted on the floor), a side room with separate bar (decorated with 1970s German wallpaper), a vending machine that’ll sell Chinese horoscopes, and wall panels with inset lighting that reproduces constellations. It’s all meant to play on “the idea of a mystical diner where it’s like the blending of contemporary music culture, contemporary museum culture, and contemporary psychedelic culture,” said Mexico, who happens to be a proponent of ayahuasca. [Read more…]