Friday Night Mics @ Spike Hill hype: ASPCP

At blaqbook’s last hip hop showcase, ASPCP opened. It was super early and no one was really out of work yet. Although, the crowd was light they still did they’re thing and I was able to capture some great footage of them. The footage created some buzz amongst my interweb peers.

So we decided to bring them back for this showcase and give them a well deserved later show time. Recently the Philly youngsters dropped this new track “Four Horsemen”. This new school of hip hop are bringing intellect to table. Before hip hop was more about money, women, sex, etc. I’m not saying I didn’t and don’t love it like the next man.

I am saying the dialogues and rhyme schemes the Badass’s, Tyler’s, and ASPCP’s of the world are coming with are wise far beyond their years. Come see them live this Friday at Spike Hill during blaqbook’s Friday Night Mic’s” showcase.

The show is at capacity as far as the Facebook invites are concerned, so if you want guaranteed admission grab a ticket from the Spike Hill website here. Hope to see you Friday!